3 girls track teams win meets

In a busy week of girls track, all Wabash County teams competed in a busy week with Southwood, Northfield, and Manchester winning meets and Wabash placing second at the Wabash Invitational.
The Southwood girls track and field team defeated Eastbrook Tuesday, April 25.
100m dash: Mylah Dillon, 3rd
200m dash: Aleia Sweet, 2nd (29.68); Mylah Dillon 4th (30.58)
400m dash: Bryn Mealy, 1st (1:04.52); Hailey Collins 3rd (1:09.56); Jaiya Corn 5th, 1:10.4); Grace Drake 6th (1:12.6)
800m run: Hannah Garrison 5th (3:19.10)
1600m run: Hannah Garrison 1st (7:03.62)
100m hurdles: Alexis Lopez, 2nd
300m hurdles: Aleia Sweet, 1st (53.17); Alexis Lopez, 3rd (1:03.23)
4x100m relay: 2nd (Lopez, Collins, Dillon, Drake)
4x800m relay: 1st (Collins, Corn, Mealy, Sweet) 10:47.9
Long jump: Alexis Lopez 2nd; Hannah Garrison 3rd
High jump: Mylah Dillon 2nd; Grace Drake 3rd
Shot put: Megan Davis 5th; Naomi Davis 7th
Discus: Megan Davis 4th; Naomi Davis 5th
3-way meet
The Manchester girls track placed second to Whitko in a 3-way meet with Northfield Tuesday, April 25.
Manchester results
100m hurdles; 1st Peyton Ream 16.5, 2nd Aliala Atienza 17.1
100m: 2nd Olivia Davis 13.4
High jump: 3rd Davis 4’6, 4th Taryn Finch 4’4
1600m: 1st Ayla Cashdollar 5:33.4*, 4th Grace Penrod 6:59
400m: 2nd Hannah Eberly 1:08.5, 3rd Kaylee Fetters 1:10.2
Long jump: 3rd Atienza 14’1, 4th Jalynn Simcoe 13’2
Shot put: 4th Leyna Borgmann 28’2
800m run: 2nd Ella Clifford 2:59, 4th Valeria Reyes 3:14
300m hurdles: 1st Ava Egolf 52.1. 4th Lauryn Reichenbach 57.32
200m dash: 3rd Finch 28.8*
Discus: 3rd Borgmann 82’7, 4th Kalynn Kamp 24’5
3200m run: 1st Kadence Fox 11:40
4×800 relay: 1st 11:07 (Egolf, Reichenbach, Clifford, Eberly)
4×100 relay: 1st 53.3 (Dsvis, Finch, Atienza, Ream)
4×400 relay: 2nd 4:33 (Egolf, Eberly, Reichenbach, Ream)
Manchester vs. Tippecanoe Valley
The Manchester girls track and field team defeated Tippecanoe Valley, 74-37 Thursday, April 27.
Shot Put: 1st Leyna Borgmann 31’10.5, 3rd Kaelynn Kamp 26’ 5
100 m hurdles: 1st Aliala Atienza 16.53, 2nd Peyton Ream 16.72
100 m dash: 1st Olivia Davis 13.5, 2nd Rory Poston 13.87
1600 m dash: 1st Kadence Fox 5:1
Long jump: 2nd Atienza 14’9.5”, 3rd Jalynn Simcoe 14’4.5″
400 m dash: 2nd Hannah Eberly 1:07.4, 3rd Kaylee Fetters 1:11.56
High jump: 2nd Davis 4’4, 3rd Fetters 4’2
300 m hurdles: 2nd Lauryn Reichenbach 56.63*
Discus: 1st Borgmann 96’, 2nd Kamp 75′
800 m run: 1st K Fox 2:29, 3rd Ava Egolf 2:35, 3rd Grace Penrod 3:03
200 m dash: 1st ream 27.91
3200 m run: 1st Ayla Cashdollar 12:06, 2nd Ella Clifford 14:41
4×800: 1st (Cashdollar, Reichenbach, Valeria Reyes, Shelby Cahill) 11:59
4×100: 1st (Davis, Tayrn Finch, Atienza, Ream) 52.66
4×400: 1st (Egolf, H Eberly, Reichenbach, Ream) 4:32"
Northfield placed third in a 3-way meet with Manchester and Whitko Tuesday, April 25.
2nd Place:
4×800 relay: Trinity Bever, Mara Zolman, Alyssa Schnepp, Madeline Moore 12:18.99
3200m run: Madeline Moore 14:18.28
Discus: Asia Miller 85’.5″
Shot put: Hannah Holmes 31’4″
3rd Place:
100m dash: Hannah Holmes 13.7
1600m run: Madeline Moore 6:46
800m run: Trinity Bever 3:01
3200m run: Asia Miller 16:34.61
4th Place:
100m run: Sophia Holley 13.72
400m dash: Leah Hayes 1:13
200m dash: Hannah Holmes 28.9"
Northfield at Southern Wells
The Northfield girls team beat Southern Wells, Thursday, April 26.
1st Place:
4×800- Trinity Bever, Mara Zolman, Alyssa Schnepp, Madeline Moore 12:22.56
100m- Hannah Holmes 13.22
1600m- Madeline Moore 6:37.91
400m- Leah Hayes 1:09.91 PR
300m Hurdles- Asia Miller 1:05.84
800m- Trinity Bever 2:58.78
200m- Hannah Holmes 28.34 PR
3200m- Madeline Moore 14:15.28
Discus- Asia Miller 87”.5″
Shot Put- Hannah Holmes 30’ 8.25″
Pole Vault- Leah Hayes 5’ 6″
2nd Place:
100m- Leah Hayes 1422
1600m- Trinity Bever 7:02.77
300m Hurdles- Mara Zolman 1:08.56
800m- Alyssa Schnepp 2:59.22 PR
3200m- Asia Miller 16:43.87
Shot Put- Asia Miller 25’ 10″
Long Jump- Leah Hayes 10’ 2″
Pole Vault- Madeline Moore 5′
3rd Place:
100m Hurdles- Alyssa Schnepp 21.03 PR
1600m- Mara Zolman 7:32.26
Pole Vault- Alyssa Schnepp 5’
Wabash Invite
Wabash and Southwood both competed in the Wabash Invitational Friday, April 28.
Wabash finished second.
Results were:
1st place
Kierra Wilson – 300 hurdles
Natalie Adams – high jump
4X400 relay – Irma Robles, Kierra Wilson,Cali Kugler & Natalie Adams
2nd place
Paloma Shull – discus
4X100 relay – Natalie Adams, Kierra Wilson, Janika Stumbo & Irma Robles
3rd place
Irma Robles – 100 & 200 meter dash
Kiara Carmichael – shot put
Kierra Wilson- 100 meter hurdles
4X800 relay – Cali Kugler, Ivy Beamer, Grace LaMar & Haylee Friend
4th place
Ava Bisher – 100 meter hurdles
Cali Kugler – 800 meter run
6th place
Reagan Jones – long jump
7 th place
Cali Kugler – 1600 meter run
Kiara Carmichael – discus
8th place
Janika Stumbo – 200 meter dash
Grace LaMar – 3200 meter run
(Southwood results were not available.)

Posted on 2023 May 04