PACT Act expands service for vets exposed to toxins

The recently passed Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act from August of 2022 expands and extends eligibility for VA health care for Veterans with toxic exposures and Veterans of the Vietnam, Gulf War, and post-9/11 eras.

The measure adds more than 20 presumptive condition for burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic exposures. Additionally, it adds more presumptive-exposure locations for Agent Orange and radiation. An example would be the addition of any U.S. or Royal Thailand Air base now carries Agent Orange presumption.

If the veteran has passed on, there is still potential for a claim of Dependency Indemnity Compensation for the surviving spouse. Veterans or their surviving spouse can view the comprehensive lists of presumptive condition of Agent Orange, Gulf War, post-9/11 era, and radiation areas on

Simply search “PACT Act” and review service areas and qualifying conditions. Veterans may also visit the Wabash County Veteran Service Officer (CVSO) Sam Daugherty on Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the historic courthouse for advisement and a printed list of their specific service area. When seeking advisement or wanting to file a claim, veterans should set an appointment with the CVSO so that proper time is allocated for their needs.

Posted on 2023 Feb 28