The Paper Ad Rates
The following is the current rates as of Sept. 20, 2017. Rates are subject to change. If you're having trouble reading the text below, feel free to download our rate card in the form of a pdf. To place an ad, please contact our office at (260) 563-8326 Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and we will be glad to assist you.


Circulation Information
When The Paper first came out on March 16, 1977,
it was delivered to 12,980 homes.

The circulation has since risen to more than 16,000,
along with more than 210 mailed subscriptions.

Currently, the circulation of 'the paper' is at 16,561...
compare that to our competitor's circulation!

So, next time you're considering which paper to advertise in,
go ahead and give us a call at (260) 563-8326.
Wabash City 4650 Carrier
N. Manchester City 1550 Carrier
LaFontaine City 200 Carrier
Laketon City 80 U.S. Mail*
Liberty Mills City 86 U.S. Mail*
Roann City 175 Carrier
Somerset City 90 U.S. Mail*
Urbana City 102 Carrier
Lagro City 77 Carrier
Bippus City 45 U.S. Mail*
Macy City 100 U.S. Mail*
Denver City 205 U.S. Mail*
Wabash RR 1 400 Motor Route
Wabash RR 2 410 Motor Route
Wabash RR 3 600 Motor Route
Wabash RR 4 450 Motor Route
Wabash RR 5 455 Motor Route
Wabash RR 6 435 Motor Route
N. Manchester RR 1 350 Motor Route
N. Manchester RR 2 600 Motor Route
N. Manchester RR 3 375 Motor Route
N. Manchester RR 4 565 Motor Route
LaFontaine RR 1 420 Motor Route
LaFontaine RR 2 310 Motor Route
Roann RR 1 435 Motor Route
Lagro RR 1 430 Motor Route
Andrews RR 1 375 Motor Route
Macy RR 1 340 Motor Route
Denver RR 1 290 Motor Route
Special Mailing 200 U.S. Mail*
Newsstand Circulation 1560 Carrier
Overrun, front counter 300  
Total: 16,561