Manchester girls, Wabash boys, win swim meets

Manchester traveled to Wabash Wednesday, Jan. 6 with both schools winning a meet.

The Manchester girls team defeated Wabash 92-38 while the Wabash boys team edged Manchester 80-69. Northfield also has representatives with each team scoring six points.

In the girls meet, Wabash was two of the three relays.

The 200 free relay team of Becca Bruss, Abbie Boggs, Lacey Crist, and Madison Inman won with a time of 2:03.45, while the Manchester team of Evyn Fox, Gracie Dale, Miriam Struble-Hedstrom, and Halle Briner placed second with a time of 2:14.11. Finishing third was the Manchester team of Adia Selleck, Emma Ulrey, Ella Clifford, and Josie Briner in 2:22.33.

In the 400 free relay, the Wabash team of Bruss, Boggs, Crist, and Inman won with a time of 4:57.53. The Manchester team of Kaesyn Lester, Selleck, Clifford, and Hannah Eberly finished second in 5:39.51.

Manchester won the 200 medley relay with the team of Lester, Halle Briner, Josie Briner, and Eberly finishing in 2:13.31. Wabash’s team of Bruss, Lacy, Inman, and Boggs placed second in 2:16.73, while the Manchester team of Struble-Hedstrom, Fox, Ulrey, and Dale was third in 2:47.04.

In the 200 free, Inman (Wab) placed first (2:53.47), followed by Lester (Man, 2:56.26), Fox (Man, 2:57.35), and Struble-Hedstrom (Man, 3:17.41).

In the 200 IM, Eberly (Man) won in 2:59.21.

In the 50 free, Josie Briner (Man) won in 26.58, followed by Crist (Wab, 29.91), Dale (Man, 32.70), and Selleck (Man, 26.67).

In the 100 butterfly, Halle Briner won in 1:01.55.

In the 100 free, Ella Hunter (Nfld) won with a time of 1:03.95, followed by Boggs (Wab, 1:10.39), Lester (Man, 1:18.98), Selleck (Man, 1:23.83), and Ulrey (Man, 1:24.30).

In the 500 free, Josie Briner (Man) won in 6:20.31, and Clifford (Man) was second in 8:39.85.

In the 100 back, Halle Briner (Man) won in 1:03.29, followed by Bruss (Wab, 1:10.44), Fox (Man, 1:40.05), and Ulrey (Man, 1:49.33).

In the 100 breast, Eberly (Man) won in 1:28.38, followed by Dale (Man, 1:41.37), and Struble-Hedstrom (Man, 1:54.52).

Northfield’s Ella Hunter had the best time in 1:21.67.

In the boys meet, Wabash won two of the three relays.

The Wabash 200 medley relay team of Seth Blossom, Lex Haynes, Nick Perkins, and Paul Cordes won in 2:02.99.

Manchester’s team of Ethan Espeset, Liam York, JD Eberly, and Traceson Gearhart placed second in 2:09.02, and the Wabash team of Jack Jacoby, Trey Wright, Kyle Thomas, and Kevin Miller was third in 3:00.65.

In the 200 free relay, the Manchester team of York, Michael Ortiz, Gearhart, and Eberly won in 1:57.24, followed by the Wabash team of Perkins, Wright, Jacoby, and Blossom in 2:01.50, and the Manchester team of Sam Hupp, Josh Steely, Caleb Smith, and Espeset in 2:22.82.

In the 400 free relay, the Wabash team of Cordes, Thomas, Haynes, and Miller won with a time of 5:10.96, followed by the Manchester team of Hupp, Steely, Smith, and Oritz in 5:46.15.

In the 200 free, Manchester’s Eberly won in 2:10.14, followed by Thomas (Wab, 2:21.20), Cordes (Wab, 2:26.76), Hupp (Man, 3:01.33), and Steely (Man, 3:25.39).

In the 200 IM, Nick Perkins (Wab) won in 2:34.78, followed by York (Man, 2:35.72), Haynes (Wab, 3:01.64), and Wright (Wab, 3:03.95).

In the 50 free, Blossom (Wab) won with a time of 32.70, followed by Gearhart (Man, 30.04), Smith (Man, 32.47), Jacoby (Wab, 37.68), and Miller (Wab, 50.07). Northfield’s Dale Grant had the overall best time in 22.98.

In the 100 butterfly, Blossom (Man) won in 58.19, followed by Eberly (Man, 1:00.72), and Thomas (Wab, 1:13.19).

In the 100 free, Cordes (Wab) won in 1:00.16, followed by York (Man, 1:05.87), Espeset (Man, 1:13.90), Jacoby (Wab, 1:28.46), Steely (Man, 1:36.09), and Miller (Wab, 1:52.90).

In the 500 free, Nick Perkins (Wab) won in 6:20.31, followed by Ortiz (Man, 7:49.44), and Smith (Man, 8:49.75).

In the 100 back, Grant (Nfld) won in 1:00.65, followed by Hupp (Man, 1:41.34).

In the 200 breast, Haynes (Wab) won in 1:23.95, followed by Gearhart (Man, 1:24.87), Ortiz (Man, 1:28.94), Wright (Wab, 1:32.12), and Espeset (Man, 1:40.20).

Posted on 2021 Jan 12