County bowling winners named

The Grandstaff-Hentgen team of Ellis Rice, Steve Davis, Jim Finnell, Dave Mechling and Don Wampler earned the top team handicap score. Photo by Josh Sigler.

By The Paper Staff

The Wabash Bowling Association conducted its annual open tournament at Cannonball Lanes from March 18 through March 24.

Nineteen teams of five bowlers, 20 teams of two bowlers in doubles and 39 singles entries combined to bowl a total of 522 games throughout the tournament.

The top team handicap score of 3,472 pins was bowled by the Grandstaff-Hentgen-sponsored team of Ellis Rice, Steve Davis, Jim Finnell, Dave Mechling and Don Wampler. The King Pin team had the high scratch total of 3,377 pins. Other teams receiving prizes were Hovey Pressure Washer, King Pins, Reynolds Oil, and Dilligaf.

In doubles, the tandem of John Tuell and Scott Pilgrim won with a handicap score of 1,534 pins, while the top scratch total of 1,441 was also theirs. Also on the prize list were the duos of Tharp-Morris, Rice-Solloway, Rice-Davis, and L. Tuell-Hostetler.
In singles, Austin Hostetler won with 758 Handicap pins and also took top honors in scratch pins with 731 pins. Additional prizes went to Harold Mettler, John Tuell, Jim Finnell, Kyahiro Campbell, Lisa Tuell, Scott Morris, Don Wampler, Herschel Sears and Gary Snyder.

In the “All Events” contest, where totals of a bowler’s scores from team, doubles, and singles are combined, the top handicap pin total was 2,196 by Scott Morris. The high scratch total of 2,017 pins was shared by DeWayne Wood and Don Wampler. Also receiving prizes were Harold Mettler, John Tuell, Joe Burns, Ellis Rice, DeWayne Wood and Jim Finnell.
The tournament is sanctioned by the United States Bowling Congress through the Wabash County Bowling Association, where all local participants have averages and handicaps established in sanctioned bowling leagues on sanctioned bowling lanes at Cannonball Lanes.

Posted on 2018 Apr 10