Cross country teams advance to regionals

By The Paper staff

Five Wabash County cross country teams advanced to the IHSAA regional round.

The Wabash boys team finished second at the Marion Sectional and Southwood was fifth to advance, while Manchester was fifth at the Culver Academies Sectional.

For Wabash, Koby Prater was third overall (16:43.8), Dereck Vogel was sixth (16:53.1), Blakely Stevens was 22nd (18:11.2), Jacob Bruss was 26th (18:24.5), Caleb Callahan was 30th (18:42.6), and Wyatt Davis was 53rd (20:34.7).

For Southwood, Braden Sweet was fourth (16:43.8), Chase Guenin was 11th (17:22.0), Cayden Prickett was 31st (18:49.1), Landon Topliff was 44th (19:59.0), Carson Kelley was 46th (20:00.6), and Benjamin Roudebush was 51st (20:13.5).

For Northfield, Andrew Burns was 18th (17:44.1), Jarrett Wilson was 28th (18:34.3), Peyton Frye was 33rd (18:55.5), Grant Dale was 65th (22:28.3), and Benjamin Kissel was 67th (23:29.7).

At Culver, for Manchester, Lance Bennett was 13th (18:02), Carter Bedke was 16th (18:23), Ben Reichenbach was 26th (19:03), Ethan Davis was 27th (19:09), Reece Adameic was 35th (19:45), Montgomery Pattison was 39th (20:03), and Kaden Dillon was 53rd (21:27).

On the girls side, Manchester was third at Culver Academies, and Northfield was fourth at Marion to advance as teams.

Southwood’s Morgan Farr was seventh overall at Marion to advance to regional.

At Culver, for Manchester, Jaelyn Webb was fourth (20:48), Torina Runkel was sixth (21:02), Katie Barker was 18th (22:44), Maddy Evans was 30th (24:01), Anna Markham was 37th (24:55), and Guri Hoidahl was 51st (26:44).

At Marion, for Northfield, Allysa McKillip was 10th (21:17.9), Natasha Leland was 24th (23:35.9), Michelle Hunt was 27th (23:57.3), Jenna Krom was 30th (24:15.1), Brittany Bussard was 33rd (24:24.8), Elizabeth Moore was 35th (24:32.2), and Bailey Burcroff was 36th (24:37.6).

For Wabash, Whitney Working was 22nd (22:41.0), Sierra Hall was 29th (24:13.4), Kennedy Brackett was 32nd 24:21.7), Angel Wehrly was 39th (24:57.8), and Camille Kugler was 54th (30:13.2).

For Southwood, Morgan Farr was seventh (21:06.4), and Monica Hobson was 37th (24:43.1).

Manchester will return to Culver Academies, while runners from Northfield, Southwood, and Wabash will return to Marion for regional competition this Saturday.

Posted on 2017 Oct 10