Plastic Ice Cream Doesn’t Melt

By Bill Barrows

I got to spend some time with all three of my grandkids over the past few weeks. Fortunately, all three got to spend time together both in Wabash and in North Carolina. We spent time at the Field of Dreams during a busy tournament early in July. Well spent family time was spent enjoying the sights in downtown Wabash during First Friday. Later, we spent some time at my daughter’s home in North Carolina.

The first night that we were all together, we took in a Ft. Wayne TinCaps game. It was the first baseball game for my younger grandson Cameron, who is five. He was bright eyed when he saw the emerald green of the grass, the concourse and all of the people mulling around as well as the players preparing themselves for the game. There were eleven of us in our group which included my eldest grandson Jackson, 12 going on 18, his parents, my daughter, and her other child, 2 and a half year old Emmy, the apple of her grandmother’s eye (she was there too) my nephew, his bride and their month old son Henry. We sat in the outfield grass section so the kids could move around. A great time was had by all…….and oh yes, the TinCaps won 2-1.

First Friday in downtown Wabash is a very cool event, especially for my daughter who hasn’t lived here in several years. She got to see some old friends, spent some time at Modoc’s while the kids climbed all over the elephants outside (photo ops, by the way). She also got to pal around with her favorite sister-n-law and her brother at Charlie Creek Inn and a few of the downtown shops.

The next day my two grandsons helped me manicure the softball fields after a downpour the night before…….OK, they both rode on my Toro Workman while I dragged them to air out the infield surfaces. My heart skipped a beat when Cameron sprinted down the softball runway and jumped into his grandma’s arms when he saw her. The other highlight was when Emmy shared her “banilla” ice cream with her brother later on in the afternoon.

One day in Statesville, we were swimming at the pool. Emmy and Cameron took turns jumping in or having me throw them in the water while Jackson played it cool, floating around on a tube. We did nothing out of the ordinary, just spent family time. The kids played well together inside and outside. At one point after Emmy, dove in the pool, and swam to me. I said to her, “Emmy, who is Poppa’s favorite girl?” thinking she would said excitedly, “ME!” Instead, she blurts out, “Grandma!!” Smart girl, smart girl……and Grandma kinda liked that too!

There is an interactive science center that has is popular in the Charlotte area. We took all three kids there one day. They ran from one themed exhibit to another. It was fun to watch them experience the mystique of all they could absorb. There was a fire truck, a racecar (after all we were in the heart of NACSAR), a theater stage including costumes, an airport terminal, a gym, a science lab and a diner, to name just a few. Jackson did a great job helping to fence in the herd, interested in a few of the exhibits himself. At the diner, kids were running around with pieces of plastic pizza, small pots and pans behind a counter that looks like it is right out of the 1950s. Cameron and Emmy had me sit down at a booth so they could serve me faux food. They both had ice cream cones that they walked around acting like they were eating. I told them, “You better eat that ice cream before it melts!” Cameron looked at me with this condescending look and says, “Plastic ice cream doesn’t melt!” Emmy, mimicked her brother like a second rate know-it-all, “Yeah Poppa, prastic ice cream don’t melt! So, I took all of them for some real ice cream………I needed some too!

Posted on 2017 Aug 08