Time to stop and enjoy the summer

By Bill Barrows

We are all running here and there this time of year. School is out, summer activities are in full swing and the weather has finally heated up. My lovely bride is preparing for quilt shows what seems like weekly. In my capacity as a director at the Wabash County Y, I seem to be perpetually on the run between sports events at the Y and the Field of Dreams.

Spring outdoor soccer ended a couple of weeks ago. Y League softball ended last week and travel softball is coming to an end for the spring season this weekend.

Speaking of softball, as I was handing out the awards to the teams at the end of the tourney, I was reminded by one of the coaches that the game and the generations have gone full circle. It was then that I realized that coaches from both team were kids, now adults, who played for me a number of years ago as baseball players. That kind of stopped me in my tracks. It also made me feel proud and old at the same time.

After the softball tourney ended on Sunday night, I arrived home physically and mentally spent. I know that my cohorts felt the same because it was discussed in a group text in recapping the weekend. And it was then that it hit me. I get to spend a few days with my 12 year old grandson and my other two grandkids will be in town later in the week.

It brought my thought process full circle. Last week, we went to my eldest grandson's swim meet. We also had a belated Father's Day dinner. It doesn't matter who attends family functions, my eldest grandson makes sure that he gets to spend time with me. He loves his family dearly, but for whatever reason, he loves to go whereever I go. That also goes for my other grandson, whom my daughter wants to ensure that "Poppa" teaches him how to play baseball and develop the same love for the game that she has. So, when I can spend time with him, they live out of state, we play catch and I pitch to him as much as his attention span will bear.

Then there is the little princess, the only granddaughter, who reminds me so much of her mother at the same age. She loves Minnie Mouse, as does her grandma. That similarity has so far cemented their relationship. What has made me stop and smile is that these kids don't care how much running from here to there or what time we have to be where.

All they care about is that grandma and grandpa are here and want to be front and center no matter what family function is happening. That makes me slow down and relax. Spending time with them is first and foremost especially this week. Life goes fast enough as it is. I sometimes preach to not only my kids, but to other young adults who I come in contact daily as to how important it is to “stop and smell the roses”. I guess that I had better follow my own advice!!!!!

Posted on 2017 Jul 11