Northfield senior takes county amateur golf championship

Braydon Schindler (center) poses with his Northfield High School coach Eric Terrell (left) and Honeywell Golf Course pro Mel Thomas (right) as he receives the Wabash County Amateur Golf Tournament champion plaque. Schindler, 17, took the title and beat out approximately 38 other participants of all ages with a 148 final score. Photo by Emma Rausch

By Emma Rausch

After two golf courses and 36 holes, Braydon Schindler, a Northfield High School senior, took home the Wabash County Amateur Golf Tournament champion title the weekend of July 25-26.

Approximately 39 golfers of all ages participated in the two-day tournament began which began on Saturday July 25 at the Honeywell Golf Course. It concluded the following day at Etna Acres Golf Course.
Schindler, 17, shot 71 on first day and 77 on the second, with an overall 148 total for the competition.

It just felt good to win champion, Schindler said.

“I’ve played in this twice now and the first time I didn’t play very good at all,” he continued. “And I’ve come so close in the club championship a few times so it just felt good to finally pull through and win.”

Schindler first participated in the amateur tournament two years ago.

“After doing this whole thing in high school this year, I just had a lot more confidence coming in and I worked a lot harder at it to make sure I could play at that level.”

Schindler confidently said he can hit the ball fairly long off the tee, but over the years he’s worked on hitting the 60 to 70 yard “wet shots” into the greens.

High school coach Eric Terrell said Schindler’s accomplishment was “a huge feat and honor with all the great golfers in Wabash County for a young man, senior year in high school, to win the county.”

Terrell began coaching Schindler in 2012, but the Norse senior’s interest in golf began when he was much younger.

“Braydon has been a part of the golf course and a part of golf in this area since he was in seventh grade,” said Mel Thomas, Honeywell Public Golf Course pro. “So everybody has known Braydon’s name, has known what he’s been able to do. He’s, at a young, has taken a lot more interest in the game, but he does inspire other young kids to come out and play.”

Thomas said he absolutely sees Schindler as a role model for other kids.

“He and I have talked about it,” Thomas continued. “He has to be a role model. He has to be somebody that kids look up to to actually keep the program going. It’s no different than what they’ve done in the past with baseball in Wabash County.

“I mean with Northfield and Wabash and the success that they’ve had, the success that Southwood’s had in other sports, it’s one of those things when you hear that someone has the ability that Braydon has you want to make sure and hold them up to it. You have to hold him up to a little bit different standard, but you also have to make sure to really work to make him understand that he has to be that role model and he’s accepted that challenge and I think it’s one of the reasons why he’s stepped up and accomplished the things that he’s accomplished.”

Over the years, Thomas has gotten to know Schindler as both a golfer and an employer.

“So I have a little bit different of inside information on him than most people do,” he said. “He’s worked hard at everything he’s done up to this point in time. So hard work actually pays off and pays dividends and you get rewards at the end.”

When asked what his win speaks to the ability of youths, Schindler said, “It just shows that God makes us capable of taking anything on.

“As long as we practice as hard as we can, we can accomplish anything.”


Posted on 2015 Sep 08