Northfield student basketball team goes toe-to-toe with faculty team, comes out on top

by Emily Armentrout

On Friday, March 28, Northfield held its annual charity intramural basketball game pitting the faculty team, Staff Infection, against the student team, made entirely of seniors.

Northfield donates half of the event’s proceeds to Riley Hospital for Children and half to a local charity. This year, the school decided the local charity would be the family of Shade Eviston, a Northfield student who tragically lost his life in an automobile accident less than a month ago.

“Every year is different. Last year, I believe we donated to 85 Hope. This year we wanted it to go to the family,” said Northfield principal, Mike Keaffaber.

The student team was made up of Damon Neal, Brady Bolen, Marcus Kroh, Katelyn Gribben, Brad Bever, Alec Wells, Caleb Coe, Chase Vigar and Andrew Eckerley, with coaches Christian Hawkins and Jon Richardson.

The faculty team consisted of Mr. Baker, Mr. Eltzroth, Mr. Andrews, Carly Mast, Mr. Bahney, Mr. Shafer, Mr. Branock, Mr. Schell and Mr. Baer.

“The record is faculty 97, students negative 4,” joked game announcer Ryan Sincroft. In all reality, the student team has never beaten the faculty team during the charity basketball game, but all that changed this year.

Though the faculty team started out strong, running away in the first few minutes with an almost 20 point lead, the student team caught up, taking the lead before the half. The first half ended with the students up 30 to 29.

Officials for the game were Principal Keaffaber and Ag teacher, Jeff Smith. “This is for charity and it is by donation, so what I’ve said is that some of the students said they would give me money to make the calls, so I told the teachers if they want to up that, I can do that. None of that is true. We’ll just let them play and have fun,” said Keaffaber, when asked if we could be calling the game down the middle, as officials are notorious for helping the faculty in the previous years.

The halftime show pitted the team of Brad Bever and Caleb Coe against Ciara Ritchie and Elaina Terrell in a battle of the sexes corn hole tournament. The male team was victorious after a short round.

The game stayed close in the second half with the lead switching hands multiple times. At the final buzzer sound, the students had beaten the faculty for the first time in Northfield intramural history with a score of 69-55.

Scoring for the student team was Damon Neal with 10, Marcus Kroh with 16, Alec Wells with 6, Andrew Eckerley with 12 and Caleb Coe with 25 points.

Scoring for the faculty team was Mr. Andrews with 4, Carly Mast with 22, Mr. Bahney with 3, Mr. Shafer with 6, Mr. Branock with 9, Mr. Schell with 2 and Mr. Baer with 7, with a couple extra points thrown in from the score keepers.

Posted on 2014 Apr 01