Downtown Wabash unveils strategic plan
An eight-year strategic plan focused on arts and culture in Downtown Wabash was recently approved for Downtown Wabash, Inc. by its board of directors.
Downtown Wabash, Inc., with guidance from Transform Consulting Group, wrote, planned and approved its strategic plan, Downtown 2030, in line with Main Street America’s community-based revitalization initiative, The Main Street Approach. Downtown 2030 will integrate the Downtown Wabash, Inc. transformation strategy of arts and culture with the 2021 state-designated Wabash Cultural District at the forefront.
“Celebrating our strategic plan is just the beginning of the bigger things to come in our downtown district spanning the next eight years,” Downtown Wabash, Inc. Board President, CEO of Transform Consulting Group Amanda Lopez said. “Downtown Wabash, Inc. is very fortunate to have deep-rooted partnerships with multiple community leaders who spoke into the plan itself and will continue to champion this strategic plan alongside us.”
Utilizing the four Main Street Approach pillars of design, economic vitality, promotion and organization, Downtown Wabash, Inc. will embark on a volunteer committee charge with support from community partners including The City of Wabash, Grow Wabash County, Visit Wabash County, Honeywell Arts & Entertainment and the independently owned businesses and organizations located in Downtown Wabash.
The four overarching goals of Downtown 2030, utilizing the Main Street Approach Pillars include:
— Design: Develop space and place by enhancing the physical assets in the district and highlighting the Wabash Cultural District.
Economic Vitality: Cultivate a strong, collaborative and diverse economic base, especially with business and property
Organization: Focus on partnerships and resources to create a cohesive vision, collective mindset and a thriving nonprofit organization.
Promotion: Showcase our unique downtown experience with storytelling and events encouraging each market segment to shop, dine, have fun, work, live and invest.
“Our strategic plan, with guidance from 
Transform Consulting Group, couldn’t have come at a better time in the trajectory of our nonprofit organization,” Downtown Wabash, Inc. Executive Director Andrea Zwiebel said. “In 2022, we celebrated an organizational rebrand and the addition of new staff following the 2021 celebration of 40 years as a nonprofit, Nationally Accredited Main Street Organization. This plan is inspiring us to continue telling the story of Downtown Wabash, Indiana and all of the great things it brings to Wabash County.”
Downtown Wabash, Inc. holds a vision of a downtown district that is vibrant every day and night. Setting the strategic plan into motion with the nonprofit vision in mind will add to the quality of life in the community, build upon the Wabash Cultural District, support economic development and business growth, and work to bring additional housing to the district.
“Downtown 2030 is important because downtowns provide quality of place for population growth. People want distinct, active places and Wabash County needs people to grow its population. Downtowns across the country are experiencing new investment fueled by demographic changes, remote work capability and desire for walkable, mixed-use places. Wabash is no different with developers, residents and tourists rediscovering Downtown over the past two decades,” Zwiebel said. “Since the year 2000, more than $73 million dollars have been invested in downtown projects. That’s $3 million per year. Continued growth and development is necessary in Downtown because of the role it continues to play in shaping the city’s culture, identity and quality of place.”
Posted on 2023 May 23