Area program has new assistant director

By Mandy Mahan

The Metropolitan School District of Wabash County School Board members met to conduct business on Tuesday, March 23.

During this meeting, donations were approved for a total of $360.

Tiffani Flora was approved as the new Assistant Director of Special Education for the Wabash-Miami Area Program.

Summer School programming was discussed and approved, which includes new programs such as “Minds in Action,” a program similar to the former “Science in Motion,” along with the Supervised Agriculture Experience Program. Additional educational advancements and remediations will be offered as well. More information on summer school options will be provided to the public in the coming weeks.

Also, during the meeting, staff and students were recognized from each school.

Southwood and Northfield students who performed in the County Honors Band and Choir performance on Friday, March 12 were congratulated.

Congratulations were given to the Southwood Boys' Basketball Team on their season, which resulted in a Regional Championship, making it to the final four teams in Class A basketball.

Northfield Jr. Sr. High School senior Grant Dale was congratulated for being awarded two National Medals for his artwork in the 2021 Scholastic Awards. Dale was awarded a National Gold Medal for his ceramic piece ‘Vlad the Impaled’, and a National Silver Medal with Distinction for his Portfolio.

Northfield students Keaton Stout, Clay Herring, Ben Kissel, and Ethan Galbraith were recognized for their recent entrepreneurship endeavor called Arclight Historical Tours. The idea of a Historical Walking Tour in Wabash has grown through a class project and will hopefully provide an opportunity to educate and entertain the community and visitors of Wabash.

Congratulations were shared to the Northfield artists that were recognized at the Wabash County Virtual Spring Art Show and Banner Awards - Emma Bone, Emma Warnock, Ryan Brunett, Eden Hoover, Jaycie Krom, Avry Napier, Jessica Ray, Ainsley Dale, Bailei Byers,  Grant Dale, Jasmine Fisher, Ethan Galbraith, Maddie Lloyd, Chloe Miller, Trinity Shockome, and Clayton Tomlinson.

Sharp Creek Elementary recognized the students who won awards at the recent Wabash County Art Show. Brennan Swann, Kendra Rife, and Bella Myers each had their artwork selected to be made into street banners and Callie McClure was named Sharp Creek's Best of Show winner.

Sharp Creek also recognized Librarian Amanda Lyons. Mrs. Lyons does a fantastic job of regularly providing Sharp Creek students with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) based experiences. She works hard to have student opportunities well planned and makes use of many resources.

Southwood Elementary Battle of the Books team was recognized as well. The team competed in the virtual event on March 22, answering correctly on nearly 80 percent of all questions. Team members included Avery Henderson, Olivia Ranck, Ross Andrews, Brock Shambarger, Clara Campbell, Ava Goodpasture, Grace Ranck, Sophia Cline, Elin Tyson, and Alyvia Frieden, along with coaches, Mrs. Jennifer Finney & Mrs. Natalie Unger.

Thanks were shared to all the contributing staff members who helped with Kindergarten Roundup. On March 10, approximately 50 upcoming Southwood kindergarteners and their guardians visited Southwood Elementary School for the event.

Congratulations were also shared to all of the Southwood Elementary School artists recognized at the recent Honeywell art/banner program. Elin Tyson and Shelby Hunt had their work selected to be printed on the large banner that will be on display in the downtown area.

Posted on 2021 Mar 30