Friendship Hill may close for repairs

By Joseph Slacian

Friendship Hill, the city’s inclusive playground, could be shut down later this year for repairs.

That was the word the Wabash Park Board received Wednesday, Feb. 10, from Park Superintendent Adam Hall.

The colorful rubber mat that surrounds the playground is coming up and must be repaired.

“We will most likely have to close the park,” Hall told The Paper of Wabash County following the meeting. “People must stay off the rubber surfacing while it cures, and it is hard to keep other sections open.

“However, I’m only speculating at this point. I will know more once I have more meetings with the designers and company.”

The problem was discovered last winter, Hall said.

“As it got colder, we noticed the surfacing started to raise in areas around the playground,” he said.

After that was discovered, the company that installed the surface came back and applied a glue adhesive to it to try to bond the two surfaces together, however the repair is not working.

“I was contacted by the design team from Context that helped design this playground, and was notified they are … basically going to be required to replace the whole surface of the entire playground.

“That requires good weather, and warm weather, so there are going to be a few weeks where we’ll have to close the playground.”

It isn’t certain when the closure will happen.

“There is no cost (to the city) at this point, just an inconvenience,” he said.

In other matters, the board approved a quote of $13,500 to place a paved walkway around the story walk located near the Huntington Street Bridge. While the quote was approved, the board did not grant Gaunt and Son permission to begin the work. The board is waiting to see if the Wabash Carnegie Library Board, which requested the pavement, will contribute toward the cost.

The board also tabled a request from Visit Wabash County to use the Honeywell Pool in September for the Dam(n)!Man! Triathlon.

The board has not yet determined if the pool will be open this summer. It is expected to consider the matter in March and will then consider the request once a determination on the fate of the pool is made.

The board also approved the purchase of a tablet for Hall and the department. 

Posted on 2021 Feb 16