Snow Buddies bring smile to Grandma's face

By Joseph Slacian

A pair of local sisters took advantage of last week’s snowfall to bring a smile to their grandmother’s face.

Chrissy Chamberlain and Kimberly Baer, along with Kimberly’s daughter, Karmyn, went to Bickford Cottage to build a family of snow buddies outside the room of their grandmother and great-grandmother, Martha Chamberlain.

Mrs. Chamberlain, 92, recently moved to Bickford, and family members say she is quite lonely, having recently lost her husband of more than 70 years, Orville Chamberlain.

“When Grandma moved into Bickford, we knew it would be hard for us to have visits with her, especially with the great-grandkids,” Chrissy Chamberlain told The Paper of Wabash County.

When the snow arrived, she contacted Kimberly and asked if she and Karmyn would like to meet at Bickford to build “a big snowman for Grandma.”

“We gathered some fun supplies and met there Tuesday,” she continued. “I went to the door to ask if it was OK (to build the snowman), and one of the employees said that would be wonderful.”

The sisters picked a spot near their grandmother’s window to build the snowman. Unfortunately, plans had to change.

“The snow wouldn’t pack very well to build that big snowman, so we built three small snow buddies,” Chrissy said. “Grandma stood at her window and waved. She had a big smile on her face as she watched us.”

It took the trio about 45 minutes to build the snow buddies.

“Then we had a window visit with her,” Chrissy said. “I typed up a note for her and one of the employees took it to her and Grandma read it to us as we stood at the window.

“She did not know in advance that we would be doing this. She said she loved her snow buddies.”

Not only was Mrs. Chamberlain able to see the snow buddies, some nearby residents also were able to enjoy their work through their windows.

“This has been a very difficult season for so many families,” Chrissy said. “Being able to bring a smile to Grandma’s face and others at Bickford is heartwarming. We can only hope and pray that restrictions will be lifted soon so that families are able to visit with those living in nursing homes.”

Posted on 2021 Feb 09