Cancer Society dedicates Tree of Caring: Tree honors those who battled cancer

By Mandy Mahan

The Cancer Society of Wabash County met on Sunday, Feb. 7 to kick off the annual Tree of Caring fundraiser.

During the meeting, guests were able to look at the Tree of Caring which has tags of people’s names who are either currently fighting cancer, have battled cancer and survived, or who have passed away as a result of their cancer.

Also, during the meeting, Brian Chamberlain gave a faith-based message and prayed for the society, fundraiser, and all who have been affected by cancer.

The Tree of Caring was started about six years ago, and was actually the idea of the, then, vice president of the group, which was Marsha Knee,” Cancer Society Vice President Virginia Cripe told The Paper of Wabash County. “The idea was to give the opportunity for loved ones to recognize their loved ones that were either in the battle of cancer or had passed from it. The time of year is also significant because Valentine’s Day was coming up and so it was a time to think about your loved ones.”

The Tree of Caring is the society’s biggest fundraiser of the year. The society members send out letters to those who have participated in the past to encourage them to participate again.

“The Tree of Caring, throughout the year, traditionally has moved to a different location, allowing exposure for people to see the names on it and as a reminder to keep that in the forefront, that the battle continues, and that there is an organization in our county that can offer some help if a family is going through that battle,” said Cripe.

The Cancer Society of Wabash County has been around since 1959 and continues to raise money and support families in the county who are going through the battle of cancer. 

Posted on 2021 Feb 09