City to help with new school intercom

By Joseph Slacian

The City of Wabash will contribute $150,000 toward a new intercom system to connect the Wabash City Schools building.

The funds will come from the city’s Public Safety Local Income Tax funds, Mayor Scott Long told the Wabash City Council during its Dec. 14 meeting. The council unanimously approved the measure.

“In light of some issues that have occurred because of some communication snafus within our school buildings, the school resource officers and the schools have looked at a new system which is an intercom system between buildings,” he told the council.

The system would link the Wabash High School, Wabash Middle School, O.J. Neighbours Elementary School, the L.H. Carpenter Building and the Administration Building and officials at those buildings would be notified immediately of situations at one of the buildings.

“You won’t have to pick up the phone,” the mayor said. “There’s a radio system.”

The intercom also would tie in to Wabash County Central Dispatch and potentially the Wabash Police and Wabash Fire departments.

“So ,we’ll have every public safety agency notified at the same time the schools are notified,” he continued.

The total cost for the new system is $250,000.

Lighting in the schools also would be updated.

“We do have students who are hearing impaired, so we have to have visual aids in all the buildings also,” Long said.

In other matters, the council:

Approved additional appropriations for the Wabash City Schools 2020 budget of $930,000 for the Educational Fund; $220,000 for the Debt Service Fund; and $2.17 million for the Operations Fund.

City Schools Business Manager Matt Stone said the funds requested were money that the district already had, calling it a “year-end cleanup.”

Approved an additional appropriation of $120,000 for the city’s Local Road and Street fund.

The transfer is needed to cover year-end expenses. It was in the fund, but not budgeted.

Approved the appointment of Doug Konkle and Brett Vanlandingham to the Wabash Redevelopment Commission. Long also announced the appointments of Lynn Yohe, Jim Reynolds and Clerk-Treasurer Wendy Frazier to the commission. Konkle and Vanlandingham are appointed by the council while the remaining three are appointed by the mayor.

Approved the appointments of Rod Kelsheimer and Jason Fry to the Wabash City Schools board. Kelsheimer was reappointed to the post, while Fry was appointed to replace Tony Pulley, who opted not to see another term.

Posted on 2020 Dec 22