Veteran's photo display moves downtown

By Mandy Mahan

Like so much this year, Veterans’ Day 2020 is different. Most gatherings, including the traditional ceremony at Living Well Winchester Senior Center, have been cancelled amidst health concerns. A beloved display that has in past years has been displayed at Living Well Winchester Senior Center has been moved to Living Well Downtown in the heart of downtown Wabash. 

The display was first put into action in 2003 when officials from Winchester Senior Center began looking for a meaningful way to honor veterans.

“There was a sense of urgency as the World War II generation was passing away.  We believed to our core that we needed to honor all veterans,” said Beverly Ferry, CEO of Living Well in Wabash County.

The 2020 Salute to Veterans can be viewed at Living Well Downtown, 35 East Market Street, Wabash. 

There are currently 136 photos of veterans on display.

“Seniors and community members were encouraged by us to bring in photos,” said Ferry. “This has been a 15-16-year project. Everyone has a connection in some way to Wabash County now via themselves, family, or friend in or from Wabash County.  The majority lived in Wabash County, but the project is unique because the Veteran does not have to have come from here as one would normally think, but rather someone in Wabash County remembers them.

“In an age when we move across the country, we lose those hometown roots. This was a way for seniors, some who moved here, to honor loved ones from far and near.”

Over the last 15 years Living Well in Wabash County CoA has collected and displayed photographs of U.S. Veterans with connections to Wabash County, such as being a relative of a local resident.   The display grows each year.  Living Well in Wabash County invites Veterans or their family members to submit a photograph, including name and service dates.  They do not have to be residents of Wabash County.

Call the Senior Services Team at Living Well Winchester Senior Center 260-563-4475 to submit photos. 

The team will make a photocopy of the photo for the display and return the original.

Posted on 2020 Nov 10