Local Avon rep wins trip to Paris

By Mandy Mahan

Wabash resident Carrie Pugh recently was the winner of a fully paid Paris trip through Avon.

She became an Avon representative in 2008 after receiving a monetary gift from her now late father.

“I wanted to take the 20 dollars and invest it, make it grow into more money,” Pugh told The Paper of Wabash County. “I had researched direct sales companies and picked Avon because they had other items besides makeup, like jewelry, fashion, fragrance and bath and body products. Something for everyone.”

Pugh also was interested in Avon because it was well known and could “sell itself.”

She has continued to sell Avon ever since because she loves the company.

“I have met lots of new friends though out the years. I also really enjoy getting to know my customers personally,” she said.

“They give back to important organizations like the American Cancer Society with their Breast Cancer Crusade. Another reason I am still with Avon is the sense of family with the other representatives. I am close to my upline mentor who lives in Florida, New York, Theresa Paul. She has helped me whenever I have questions and concerns.”

Each year, Avon representatives are invited to an annual convention. This year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the convention, planned to be in San Antonio, Texas, was changed to a virtual convention. This cut the cost of the convention down to only a $59 registration fee that included a swag bag of products which totaled over $200.

“I was excited to hear about the virtual convention,” said Pugh. “My husband, Michael and I were not going to be able to travel to Texas this year due to being costly to travel.”

This was the second convention that Pugh has been involved in. She also attended the 2018 convention in Columbus, Ohio, because she was able to drive to the location.

During the general session, on the Saturday of the convention, Pugh was announced as the winner of a trip to Paris.

“When they started to draw the name of the winner I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see who won and if I knew them,” said Pugh. “I had never dreamed it would be me as they said that the winner was from Indiana and of course I was getting excited then, but when the said Wabash, I knew then it was me and it was. I was freaking out I remember I kept saying ‘Oh, my God, oh, my God!!!’ My husband wasn’t in the same room and he had no clue was going on. I’m sure I scared him to death, screaming,” she said with a laugh.

Following hearing her name announced as the winner, Pugh received a lot of calls and Facebook messages from friends and other Avon representatives that she didn’t know, congratulating her.

Pugh was among 9,000 other representatives entered to win the trip.

The trip includes two round trip airfare tickets, five days, and four nights, 5-star luxury accommodations, a personal guided tour of the Louvre and $5,000 spending money for shopping and food.

Pugh plans to take her husband, Michael to accompany her on the trip, which they plan to either take in 2021 or 2022.

When asked what she was most excited about in regards to the trip to Paris, Pugh told The Paper that she looks forward to traveling outside of the U.S. for the first time.

“I’m also excited to see the sights and sounds of Paris, going to Disneyland Paris since I’m a Disney fan and since I’ll be there anyway, why not? And being with my husband in a romantic city.”

Pugh and her husband have lived in Wabash since they wed on Aug. 16, 1997. They have been foster parents through White’s Residential and Family Services since 2013 and have one adopted son, Dylan.

In 2014, Pugh’s husband had a major health scare that almost took his life, but after surviving and going through recovery, they were able to continue fostering.

The winning of this trip has been a wonderful surprise and Pugh told The Paper that she and her family are truly blessed.
Pugh’s online Avon store can be visited at www.youravon.con/cpugh

Posted on 2020 Oct 13