Case Street project progressing

By Joseph Slacian

As everyone knows, COVID-19 is having an impact on many aspects of life, most of it negatively.

However, there is one area where it is a plus – the city’s stormwater sewer separation project.

“The Cass Street project is progressing well, and with the closure of the YMCA and Honeywell Center for a period time, that actually works to our favor,” Mayor Scott Long told The Paper of Wabash County. “It is anticipated that (workers) will be at the intersection of Market and Cass streets within 30 days, so less traffic at the Honeywell Center will help them get pipe in the ground.

“That is the only blessing from this COVID-19 outbreak.”

The city is in its latest phase of the mandated separation of stormwater and sewer drains. Work will stretch along Cass Street from Burnette Street and travel north to Ferry Street. It also will turn down Ferry Street a short distance toward Carroll Street.

The project is just one of several taking place from now through the summer around the City of Wabash.

Another, from the Indiana Department of Transportation, calls for resurfacing State Road 15 from State Road 16 south through Wabash. To coincide with the project, the city plans an upgrade to the intersection of State Road 15 and Wedcor Avenue.

Work will include installing a traffic light, as well as turn lanes on Wedcor Avenue. To make the turn lanes, the median will be removed and Wedcor Avenue will be restructured, as well as having new curbs, gutters and storm sewers installed.

Work also is progressing on the sidewalk replacement on Wabash Street in front of the Wabash County Courthouse.

Work includes “installing some new  concrete and pavers where the sidewalk had begun heaving due to the tree roots,” Long said. “We will not be installing planter boxes in this block and will install a straight line of pavers instead.”

The mayor hopes the weather remains decent so construction season can get underway soon.

But, he said, he expects additional projects to be minimal.
“I anticipate slowing things down a big as far as any additional construction projects until we see how everything shakes out with business and the economy on the back end of the COVID-19 issues.

Posted on 2020 Mar 24