LIFE Center provides various services

By Mandy Underwood

The LIFE Center of Wabash has been helping families in Wabash County for over a decade by making sure that every family, no matter the dynamic, has the resources needed to survive and thrive.

The LIFE Center if a non-profit organization that runs solely on donations from individuals, churches and other organizations who choose to help. They receive no funding from the government. The organization is Christ-centered and promotes the value of life, from fertilization to natural-death.

The organization provides free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, diapers, formula, clothing, and much more to ensure that no mothers, expecting mothers, or children go through life without the things they need to be successful.

The services offered by the center are available for anyone in need, with no conditions.

“There is no income verification, no long, lengthy application. If you have insurance or don’t have insurance, it doesn’t matter,” said Amanda Holmes, the Nurse Manager at the center.

Jeni Friedersdorf, Client Service Manager told The Paper of Wabash County about some services that many people don’t realize are offered.

“We have a room where mothers can come and get anything they need for their child or children. Clothes, formula, coats, shoes, pretty much anything that could be needed for children sizes 5T and below,” she said.

The center offers a few different groups, including Mentoring and More for Young Moms, a support group for mothers up to age 24. This group meets the first and third Monday of each month from 5:30-7:30 p.m. During this meeting, there is available childcare as well as a provided free meal.

They also host a Bible study called Forgiven and Set Free, which is a study for women who have had abortions.

The center offers free prenatal vitamins for women who have come in and received a positive pregnancy test, and also pregnancy support for the women who have recently found out they are expecting.

“We also have an “earn while you learn” program where mothers can earn a brand-new car seat or a brand-new pack and play, while watching educational videos,” said Friedersdorf.

The center also has recently had a Rally for Life that it has every year on the third Sunday in January.

“The rally is the commemoration of Roe v. Wade ruling,” said Friedersdorf. “It’s been 47 years since that ruling and so each year we have a memorial service at Falls Cemetery for the children that have been lost to abortion, but not just abortion. Also, to miscarriage, still birth, childhood illnesses.”

The rally begins with a program at the center where all who are attending take some time to remember all of the children lost sine 1973, when the Roe v. Wade ruling took place. Following the program, rally attendees walk to the cemetery for the memorial service, followed by refreshments.

Executive Director Cheryl Meyer and Friedersdorf shared why they have chosen to work at the center and what it means to them.

“I was a teen mom and actually had my pregnancy test done in a pregnancy center like this,” said Friedersdorf. “Working here, I feel like I am helping the girls that are where I was at when I needed help. I just want to make sure they know that they have a place that they can go to where they will be safe and accepted and get the help that they need.”

“Jeni really summed it up,” said Meyer. “I was also a teen mom and I want to make sure that the girls who come through our doors know that they are not alone, that there are people who have been in their shoes before, that they are loved and that if they don’t have the love of their family or support of their family, that they know that we have enough to give that to them. We will do whatever we can do to help them.”

For anyone wanting to volunteer their time, donate items, or use the services offered, details about how to do so are listed online on, or details can be given over the phone by calling the center at 260-563-7275.

Stopping by the center is also a great option to learn how to help or be helped. The LIFE Center is located at 489 Bond Street, Wabash and is open Mondays from 1-5 p.m., Wednesdays from 12-4 p.m., and Fridays from 1-4 p.m.

Posted on 2020 Feb 04