Elementary students "interview" for jobs

By Mandy Underwood

Sharp Creek Elementary 5th grade students are preparing to be adults for a day at Junior Achievement’s “BizTown.”

On Friday, Nov. 15, students interviewed with five members of the community for jobs that they have applied to work at during their trip to “BizTown” in Fort Wayne.

Interviewers were Brett Wynn from Original Promotions, Joanne Case from Wabash County Promise, Teresa Galley from The Honeywell Foundation, Metropolitan School District of Wabash County Curriculum Director Tim Drake, and MSD of Wabash superintendent, Mike Keaffaber.

“BizTown” is a simulated city where elementary students go to participate in an adult economy and see what it is like to have a job, pay bills, shop, write checks, and more.

Fifth grader Zoey Music spoke with The Paper of Wabash County while she awaited her turn to interview.

“I’m trying to be a DJ or a personal trainer. I am mostly hoping I get to be the DJ because I love music. I would actually get to speak into a speaker like a normal radio person would do, and we all get to be adults for a day.”

Students have the opportunity to interview for many jobs including a banker, travel agent, hair stylist, construction worker, CEO, and jobs in the STEM field.

On Dec. 11, when the fifth graders go to “BizTown,” students not only get to hold a job for a day, but they do other things that professional adults do.

“Students get to interview for the job that they want, and then we also have a mayor election,” said Amber Bretzman, a fifth-grade teacher at Sharp Creek.

“When we go on the day of our field trip, the kids run the town. They have checkbooks and debit cards and they will have a full economy and pay off loans, and pretty much do everything that adults do.”

Posted on 2019 Nov 19