Chili for charity gives out $46,000

By Mandy Underwood

The Cannonball Chili for Charity Cook-off handed out checks to the recipients of funds on Tuesday, Nov. 12.

Organizations deemed recipients of this year’s raised funds gathered on Tuesday at the Wabash Elks Lodge where Wade Weaver of 105.9 The Bash, presented a check along with others who serve on the cookoff board.

Teams that received funds are as follows, with comments from officials of organizations represented that night.

Teens Against Dating Abuse (TADA) received $2,000.

“This money will help us spread awareness in the schools and in the community about healthy relationships,” said Megan Long of Teens Against Dating Abuse, a division of Hands of Hope

Honeywell Center Educational Outreach Program received $2,000.

“This money helps us provide more than 50,000 arts opportunities for students throughout the academic year,” said Cathy Gatchel, Vice President of Development and Marketing at the Honeywell Foundation.

ABATE received $2,000.

“We’ve enjoyed being a part of the Wabash Cannonball Chili for Charity Cookoff for many years, and to actually be a recipient this year touches us dearly,” said Jay Jackson, executive director for ABATE of Indiana.

Wabash County Cancer Society received $3,000.

“We are going to continue to be able to help people in our community battling cancer,” said Timothy See, Wabash County Cancer Society P.R. rep.

Blessings in a Backpack received $3,000.

“With these funds, we can feed 30 children for an entire school year,” said Megan Henderson, coordinator of Blessings in a Backpack. “We added Saint Bernard and Emmanuel Schools this year too, so we are serving every elementary school here in Wabash. We are just so thankful for everyone who came out and supported these charities.”

Wabash County Transit received $3,000.

“This money will go to support the many programs we do with the transit, to help people who are low income ride for free or for next to nothing,” said Beverly Ferry, CEO of Living Well in Wabash County. “This makes a huge difference for a family of five who can get on the bus for one dollar.”

The Foundation for Art and Music in Education (FAME) received $3,000.

“We do this big festival in the Spring and the chili money helps us pay our guest artists,” said Judy Ward, festival director

FISH Food Pantry received $3,000.

“This money will be used to buy food. We are just so grateful for everyone who [puts on this event,” Said Janet Shoue, Pantry Director.

Quilt of Honor Quilters received $3,000.

Best of the Best Art Program received $4,000.

“This money goes directly into our program. We use it for everything from art supplies to lunches, field trips, and our show at the end of the year,” said Jeanie Cooper, co-director of Best of the Best Art Program. 

Lagro Canal Foundation received $4,000.

Growing Grounds received $4,500.

“I know that there are a lot of homeless people that we can help with this,” said Marti Striker of Growing Grounds. “We can help them, either to get an apartment or just to find a hotel to stay warm for an evening.”

Junior Achievement received $4,500.

“This year we are scheduled to help 70 different classrooms so this money will help us with that,” Said Beth Bruss, Junior Achievement board member and volunteer.

Daniel’s Place received $5,000.

“This money is going to make a tremendous impact for us,” said Cheryl Working, founder of Daniel’s Place.
“Our guests, are there on a sliding scale. Some guests are there and don’t pay anything, so this is going to let us reach so many more families.”

Posted on 2019 Nov 19