Local students perform with Foreigner

By Mandy Underwood

The Honeywell Center hosted the band Foreigner for a concert on Sept. 4.

Foreigner is a strong advocate for public school music education, and at every show, they invite choir students from local high schools to perform on stage with them for the chorus of a song.

This year, they invited students from all public schools in the county to join them.

These students were selected from the group of County Honor Choir students.

“They needed 25 students and we had 55 in County Honor choir,” said Susan Keefer, the choir director at Southwood High School.

“That number went down because of the seniors that had graduated, and from there, we chose the students who had the most experience with County Honors Choir, and that’s how they were selected.”

Participants were:

From Manchester High School, Nina Daugherty, Carissa Edwards, Sarah Holbrook, Karen Jimenez, Sam Reichenbach, Madisyn Schmidt, John Spangle, and Connor Trout.

From Northfield High School, Addy Fishback, Ellie Proebstle, Braden Ripplinger, Ariana Varner, and Athena Varner.

From Wabash High School, Abbey Baggett, Alex Baggett, Marcus Haynes, Camille Kugler, Morgan Mallow, Erin Russell, and Zach Smith.

From Southwood High School, Jobe Carroll, Cage DuBois, Victoria Holloway, Isaac King, and Daisy Sparks.

All of the students met at the Honeywell Center to rehearse, enjoyed pizza together, and then performed during the concert when the band sang “I Wanna Know What Love Is.”

“It was just amazing to have that opportunity, because it just doesn’t happen ever in your life,” said Northfield senior Addy Fishback.

“Just to be able to do something with such great people and a world-renowned band was pretty exciting. I couldn’t stop cheesing the entire time.”

For many of the students that participated, this is an experience they can add to their resume as they pursue further education and careers centering around music.

For example, Ellie Proebstle, Northfield senior, plans to attend Manchester University to study K-12 Instrumental and Choral Education, and Daisy Sparks, a senior from Southwood has plans to study music performance.

Isaac King, a Southwood junior recalls his experience.

“The bassist turned around to us and handed his guitar pick to the girl in front of me, that was really cool.”

“It was really cool how the band interacted with the choir,” he said.

“I just figured they would do their thing, we’d do our thing, but it was really nice how they interacted with us.”

Posted on 2019 Sep 24