Chinese exchange students tour Wabash

By Mandy Underwood

A group of Chinese exchange students visiting Wabash Middle School toured the City of Wabash on Tuesday, Aug. 13.

The students, along with members of their host families and school officials, visited the Wabash County YMCA, met Mayor Scott Long at his office at Wabash City Hall, toured the backstage area of the Ford Theater, and ended the tour with a visit to the Wabash County Historical Museum.

A highlight of the tour was the tour of the YMCA. The tour started off in the gym, made stops at the tennis court, pool, and equipment room, and ended back in the gym with some free time for the exchange students and their host students from WMS to play basketball and other activities.

Throughout the tour, the exchange students were listening intently and fascinated by all aspects, wanting to try out the workout equipment and try and jump to touch the rims of the basketball hoops in the gym.

“[The Chinese students] don’t have school sports, so this is new to them. They have to be in a special club and be really good to be able to play a sport,” WMS Principal Mike Mattern said.

During the free play time in the gym, all students were all smiles as the students from WMS shot hoops and played catch with the Chinese students.

WMS representatives will also be taking the exchange students to an Indianapolis Indians baseball game and shopping in the capitol city, to see and experience some farm life in Wabash County, and to Manchester University to learn about the school.

The visiting students will leave Friday, Aug. 16.

Posted on 2019 Aug 20