Healthy Families program offered in Wabash County

By Mandy Underwood

Area Five Agency of Aging and Community Services of Wabash County offers a Healthy Families Program designed to support and encourage parents.

This program is free to any parent who qualifies for the program, and is completely voluntary, allowing parents to end services at any time. To qualify for Healthy families, there are financial requirements and a screening process upon inquiry.

“We don’t want someone on their own to determine whether or not they are going to qualify for the program,” said LeAnne Breeden, Program Director of Healthy Families.

Breeden encourages parents who have any interest to reach out and get information even if they think they may not qualify.

“Even if someone doesn’t qualify for the program, when they come in and we find out what their needs are, we go ahead and give them referrals to other programs, and another thing we do is give safety information during that initial meeting,” said Breeden. 

Parents can enter the program from the time they are prenatal to the time that their child is 3 months old. Upon approval to be in the program, parents can remain in the program for up to 3 years.

Once a part of Healthy Families, Family Support Specialists will visit the parent and child in their home and offer services to increase parent-child interaction and teach parents safety for their child. Healthy Families also offers developmental screenings to make sure the child is where they need to be developmentally for their age. If a child needs help in that area, Healthy Families refers the child to programs that will aid in bringing the child up to speed. 

A lot of people don’t know about Healthy Families due to the large amount of confidentiality policies, Breeden told The Paper of Wabash County, but it is celebrating its 25th year of serving families this year.

If interested in the program, parents are encouraged to call Breeden for an appointment. Breeden can be reached by phone at 574-737-2197, or through email at

Posted on 2019 Aug 20