Auto Laundry undergoes renovation

A car takes its turn going through the car wash at the Auto Laundry. Photo by Joseph Slacian

By Joseph Slacian

The Auto Laundry Car Wash recently reopened after an eight-week renovation project.

“We pretty much renovated 90 percent of it,” owner Tyler Temple told The Paper of Wabash County. “We got new equipment and redid the old equipment that we had to make it more modernized, and more gentle on the cars.”

Among the changes, he said, is the installation of a neoprene foam cloth that cleans the car better than the old system.

“We’ve got a lot of stuff on the inside that you don’t see, like a new computer controller, pumps, new lights, new walls new conveyer” Temple added.

In addition, the car wash tunnel was extended, going from a 75-foot tunnel to one of about 90 feet in length.

“We have a bigger prep area so it’s a little safer for us,” Temple said. “We’ve got two (cleaning) guns going now so in case there’s a really dirty one we can clean it twice as fast.”

A new computer-run drying system allows the vehicle dryer to distinguish a pick-up truck from other vehicles. With the new system, the dryer doesn’t blow air into the bed of the pick-up, sending water and other trash flying around the car wash.

Rather, only two of the blowers stay on, drying off the sides of the truck but not the bed.

“It helps tremendously to dry the cloth,” Temple said.

Temple has worked at the car wash, located at 793 S. Wabash St., for about 25 years. His father, Tony, opened it in 1988, and he purchased it from his father in 2006.

“It was just time for a change,” the younger Temple said. “It needed to be done. It was getting a little old down there, so we’re making it a little bit more modern.”


Posted on 2019 Jul 02