4 county students get Self-Reliance Awards

Dr. Gregory Garner (from left) of Midwest Eye Consultants, poses with Self-Reliance Award recipients Brittany Bussard of Northfied High School, Konner Cripe of Manchester High School, Paige Frank and Lucinda Anderson, both of Wabash High School. Photo by Joseph Slacian

By Joseph Slacian

On Tuesday afternoon, four Wabash County high school seniors were honored during the 2019 Midwest Eye Consultants Self Reliance Award Ceremony.

The event took place at the weekly Wabash Kiwanis luncheon. The Kiwanis Club oversees the program for Midwest Eye.
The seniors -- Brittany Bussard of Northfield; Konner Cripe of Manchester; and Lucinda Anderson and Paige Frank, both of Wabash -- each received $2,000 to be used for whatever they choose.

The program is designed to honor students who are able to overcome the hand that life has dealt them and succeed through their own self-reliance.

Kiwanis President-Elect Eric Seaman detailed the various trials and tribulations the students faced in their young lives.
But he also highlighted the various successes they’ve had in spite of the various obstacles, and what they hope to do with their lives after graduation before Dr. Greg Garner presented each of the students with a certificate and a check.

Bussard hopes to work in the veterinary field, while Cripe hopes to get a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Anderson hopes to pursue a career in the mortuary sciences, and Frank hopes to work in the medical field.

The students each said they were honored and thankful to have been selected for the award.

“I’m very honored to be considered for all this,” Bussard said following the ceremony. “Being recognized for things I do on a daily basis now, that doesn’t seem outstanding to me, is challenging for me to understand what I do that is so different from others, until I realize exactly how much I do on my own.
“I’m very honored to receive this award.”

Cripe said he was “very thankful to receive the award. I’m honored to be recognized for what I do on a daily basis.”

“I am very thankful for this opportunity and for the community choosing me as a finalist,” Frank said. “I know this money is going to straight to education to better myself.”

Like the others, Anderson said, “I am very thankful because this gives me a great opportunity to start my life after high school.”

“And,” she added with a smile, “I’ve never won anything. It feels nice.”

Midwest Eye Consultants sponsors the program which is overseen by the Wabash Kiwanis Club.

The Kiwanians conduct the selection process by communication with the high schools, reviewing the applications, interviewing the finalists and organizing the award presentation.

All high school seniors in Wabash County are eligible, with the exception of seniors who are children of Kiwanis members or Midwest Eye Consultants employees.

Posted on 2019 May 14