City cleans up Euclid St. site

By Joseph Slacian

The City of Wabash completed the cleanup of a Euclid Street home it had earlier ordered demolished.

Crews from the Wabash Street Department were at 311 Euclid St. on Friday to begin removing rubble from the home, which had been razed after it was destroyed by fire on Jan. 16. The home, owned by Don and Peggy Fraley, was ordered demolished by the Wabash Board of Public Works and Safety on Jan. 3, and the Fraleys were given 90 days to complete the work.

The Fraleys, at the April 4 Board of Works meeting, said the person who had demolished the home notified them that he wasn’t going to remove the rubble.

“We’ve mess around long enough on this,” board member Todd Titus said. “Your intentions are good, but the neighbors have put up with this for too long.”

An RV was allowed to remain at the site, as the property still belongs to the Fraleys. The vehicle is licensed and insured.
In another matter, the board learned that homes at 978 Mill St. and 610 High St., ordered demolished by the city, were down.

A home at 131 E. Maple St. will come down sometime after May 1, Building Commissioner Jim Straws told the board.

He said he has spoken with relatives of the owner who still had property in the home. Straws said he told them they had until May 1 to empty the site. After May 1, he said, he couldn’t guarantee the home would still be standing.

In a final matter, the board declared an emergency in order to seek repairs to the roof at City Hall. The declaration was issued to allow the city to repair the roof as quickly as possible.

The roof has been a problem for some time. Straws noted that it was recommended in 2000 to replace the roof, but nothing was done.

Officials at Grow Wabash County, which occupies the second floor of City Hall, have complained about water leaking from the roof into their offices.

Straws will receive quotes for the work and report back at the April 18 board meeting.

Posted on 2019 Apr 09