Commissioners OK request for computer hardware

By Josh Sigler

Wabash County Commissioners approved County Recorder Eric Rish’s request to approve a contract with Fiddlar at the Monday, April 8 meeting.

Rish explained that the contract was for hardware maintenance with services costing $1,200.

County Highway Superintendent John Martin presented a revised Community Crossings matching grant fund request for the 1100 North construction project for Commissioners’ approval.

The state rejected a few items in the project from eligibility for funds. A total of $4,855 of the project is not eligible for funds, Martin explained, including items having to deal with the construction trailer and the equipment in it, as well as the reflectivity testing.

The debt changes the county’s grant fund request from $965,986.71 to $962,345.46.

The Commissioners approved the change, and Martin said that was all the county should need to start the project.
And, Sheriff Ryan Baker gave his weekly jail report.

The average daily population at the Wabash County jail was 114, with 35 new bookings, 11 transports. The county was hosing 56 inmates in Miami County, and 13 in Elkhart County.

The jail’s peak population was 117. The jail’s current population is 116, with 182 inmates total. That total included 34 Level 6 felons.

The jail as over capacity 100 percent of the time.

Posted on 2019 Apr 09