Commissioners sign off on Living Well grant

By Josh Sigler

Living Well in Wabash County CEO Beverly Ferry was in attendance at the Wabash County Commissioners meeting Monday, April 1, to get commissioners’ signatures for a grant for the purchase of a minivan.

Ferry said she needed the commissioners to sign off on the grant in order to receive the federal money for the grant.

The grant is for $28,800, which will cover 80 percent of the cost of the minivan.

The 20 percent remaining cost will be covered locally.

County Highway Superintendent John Martin presented an amendment to the contract of the 1100 North road construction project.

County Attorney Steve Downs explained the amendment was to fix discrepancies between the contract and the specifications, making sure that the specifications control when there are differences between the two.

Martin then presented a utility permit for Century Link to relocate a cable on Bridge 144, a bridge on County Road 1050 South over Grant Creek.

Martin also presented a pair of requests to create bus turnarounds for MSD of Wabash County, one at 4652 South County Road 100 West, and the other at 2613 South County Road 100 West.

Sheriff Ryan Baker then gave his weekly jail report.

The jail’s average daily population was 111, with 30 new bookings, and nine transports.

The county is housing 51 inmates in Miami County, and 14 in Elkhart County.

The jail’s current population is 117, with a total of 180 inmates.

The jail was housing 32 Level 6 felons, with an average prisoner count of 174.

The jail was over capacity 100 percent of the time last week.

Posted on 2019 Apr 02