HCC receives electric smoker

Members of the culinary arts team at Heartland Career Center are seen with the electric smoker which was donated to the program. Culinary arts team members include Devon Roberts, Montel Woodruff, Sophia Wheeler, Brayton Collins-McPhearson, Caleb Hunt-Buell, Jessie Sandlin, Derek Dolby and instructor Brad Luzadder. Photo by Josh Sigler

By Josh Sigler

Heartland Career Center’s culinary arts program will have another piece of equipment at its disposal thanks to a grant from the Indiana Farm Bureau.

An electric smoker was delivered to the center on Wednesday on behalf of the Indiana Farm Bureau to be used by the students in Heartland’s culinary arts classes.

It was made possible by a grant through the Indiana State Farm Bureau called Educational and Development Opportunity Grant.

The grant is sponsored by the Outreach Education Coordinators.

The grant is to promote new ideas, new projects and equipment for educational purposes.

“We’ve done some other activities with the career center,” Scott Dawes said. “Each year, we support them with the donation of a couple hogs that’s used in their meat cut up. We also furnish meat and bring a professional to show different techniques and ways to utilize the products that we’ve donated. We just felt that this was additional equipment that would go towards all those things that would help the students be able to learn the smoking, curing and brining techniques. You can smoke cheeses and do all kind of things. It was another educational opportunity that would enhance their time there at the culinary class.”

HCC director Mark Hobbs was ecstatic to receive the donation.

“It’s just continued support from community members like Barb and Scott Dawes that help us grow our program and provide opportunities for students,” Hobbs said. “We just continue to be thankful for those partnerships that benefit our young people from the several counties that we serve.”

Culinary arts instructor Brad Luzadder indicated that the smoker will be put to good use.

“With Farm Bureau’s investment in us, we currently have the hogs, cows and chickens,” Luzadder said. “They just have been there for us where normal funds wouldn’t be available. They stepped up. With the smoker, it just gives us another tool in our tool box to make the students successful. It gives them a whole new outlook on the cooking methods, as well as being able to make it practical, so when they leave us, they have the opportunity to be successful in any of the commercial kitchens that are available.”

Posted on 2019 Mar 12