Wabash City Council to have new make-up in 2020

By Joseph Slacian

The Wabash City Council will have a new make-up beginning in 2020. At least two Council members have told The Paper of Wabash County that they won’t seek re-election during the 2019 Municipal Election.

Mayor Scott Long, along with Council members Bryan Dillon, Doug Adams and Mitch Figert have all confirmed they will seek re-election in 2019. Clerk-Treasurer Wendy Frazier also said she plans to seek re-election to her third term in office.

Meanwhile, Council members Marc Shelley and Bonnie Corn both said they won’t seek re-election. Council members Eric Schoening and Bob Greene failed to respond to The Paper’s inquiries.

Filing for the May Primary Election begins on Wednesday, Jan. 9, and continues through noon, Feb. 8.

“I haven’t made it any secret,” Long said. “When someone asks me, ‘Are you going to run again?’ Yes, I’m going to run again.

“I enjoy it. I enjoy the job. I love what I’m doing. I think we’re making great strides and I want to continue that.”

Frazier told The Paper, “For the past seven years, I have worked tirelessly in every facet of the daily operations of this position while also providing services for numerous local projects and grants, including our great Stellar designation. I will work to continue the forward momentum to make our city the best it can be!

“I have taken tremendous pride in keeping our Great City fiscally sound, and I would like to continue being a great steward of taxpayer monies.”

Dillon is one of two at-large members of the Council.

“I love this city and enjoy being on the Council,” he said.

Adams represents the city’s 5th District on the Council.

“I consider myself an ‘all in’ person and enjoy being a part of the legislative process for the betterment of our city,” he told The Paper. “Now that I have served on the Council for District 5, I better understand the role of being a councilman. I have been appointed to various boards by Mayor Long and enjoy working together with others.

“I am retired and able to attend many other committee and board meetings while learning more about our community. I enjoy serving the community and am open to working with any of our citizens on their concerns and interests in our city.”
Figert, who represents the city’s First District, is completing his first term on the Council.

The last three years have been a great experience serving on the Council and representing the citizens of Wabash, especially those living on the south side of the city,” he said. “I have learned a lot through the experience of serving on the Council and other various committees and boards I serve on to represent the city and continue to learn something new on a frequent basis.  I have also not been shy to express questions and concerns to ensure the citizens of Wabash are being represented and informed as the city tackles several major improvements citywide. 

“Moving forward, I hope to continue to see growth and improvements on the south side and throughout the city.  We have already seen major improvements on the south side over the past three years including a renovated South Side Park thanks in partnership with the Wabash Kiwanis Club, road improvements, sidewalk improvements, stormwater separation, and residential property improvements including the addition of new homes being built. 

“My family and I are proud to call Wabash home and I look forward to serving as we continue to make Wabash a phenomenal city to work, live, and play in.”

Shelley, who fills the Council’s other at-large seat, believes “it is time for someone else to have input into local government.”

“I’ve had 12 years total,” he said. “I appreciate the trust people have placed with me and I have done my best. Local government is where citizens have their greatest voice.”

Corn, who represents the Council’s 4th District, said “I am not planning on running again. I would like to finish out with my eighth year. I hope I can hold out in 2019.”


Posted on 2019 Jan 03