Staff spotlight awarded at MSD meeting

By Josh Sigler

The Metropolitan School District of Wabash County handed out its bi-weekly staff spotlight recognition award at the Tuesday, Nov. 27 meeting.

Parent Tanarae Pegg nominated Sheby Drake, a Southwood Littles teacher.

Pegg nominated Drake, but was involved in a very serious accident, so the nomination was postponed from September.

Pegg’s son, Colt, was in Littles last year, and is in kindergarten this year.

“We just want to congratulate Mrs. Drake on all that you do,” Superintendent Mike Keaffaber said.

Drake received a gift card from Pizza Hut and a MSDWC polo for her recognition.

“I nominated her last year, and I’m doing it again because she deserves to be recognized,” Tanarae Pegg said. “I loved her for having my son as her first teacher. This year my son is in kindergarten, and he told me he wanted a new teacher. I said ‘why, who do you want?’ He said Mrs. Drake. She left an impact on him and helped him grow so much. She’s an awesome, loving teacher.”

“Just thank you so much,” Drake said. “I love my job. I love working with these littles every day. It’s just an honor that these parents trust me with their kids. We partner with them to get their littles ready for school.”

The board also approved on second reading, with minor revisions, the Board Policy 1140-Public Participation in meetings.

It was also revealed at the meeting that the corporation had a general fund balance of $3.2 million

The board also approved:
--The hiring of Kelli Rojas as a three-hour cook at Southwood Elementary.
--The hiring of Rebekah Brunn as a speech clinician at Manchester Elementary as part of the WMAP.
--The resignation of Greg Miller, classroom instructor at White’s.
--The retirement of Suzie Lewis, special education aide at Northfield High School.

Posted on 2018 Dec 04