Homeowner completes work ordered by city official

By Joseph Slacian

A Wabash homeowner has completed a list of items Building Commissioner John Stephens had requested at a site he is refurbishing.

Stephens told the Wabash Board of Public Works and Safety that the homeowner, Chad Vigar, has complied with a list of needed work he provided him at the board’s Oct. 18 meeting. The work is being done at 604 State St.

Stephens’ list included such things as having anchor bolts missing or placed incorrectly, having studs placed farther than 16 inches above and below a window, having ceiling joist spans a foot too long and having the ceiling joist scabbed together in the existing part of the structure.

The board originally ordered Vigar to have the site enclosed by its first meeting in December so that work inside could be done during cold weather months.

Vigar told the board he was on target to meet that deadline and believes the exterior work will be done by then.
Another hearing, this one for a home owned by Luke and Wanda Young, 173 Huntington St., has been postponed until December.

Posted on 2018 Nov 06