County Council adopts 2019 budget

By Josh Sigler

The Wabash County Council passed the 2019 budget Monday night, Sept. 25 by a 5-1 vote, a budget totaling $19,427,009.
Matt Dillion was the dissenting vote and Matt Mize wasn’t present at the meeting.

Dillon discussed his issues with the budget with the media following the meeting. He had proposed adding a dispatcher to the Central Dispatch roster, but was turned down 2-4.

He also doesn’t understand how the county can continue to spend more money year after year with a decline in population.

“I wanted to see that extra dispatcher in there. That was big for me,” Dillon said. “I’ve been through this process four times now, and I’ve seen – I think two years ago we adopted a budget with $8.5 million in the general fund. In 2018, it was $10.2 (million). That’s a large increase as far as revenue comes. I know that some of that got taken from when income tax was changed, CAGIT was rolled into property tax revenue. But as we move forward, it looked like the property tax replacement credits that got taken away didn’t change too much on the revenue side. It made me question the whole point of it, certified shares. I don’t understand where why we have so much increase over three years.”

The budget itself came in at $104,811 over max levy, a fact that chairman Randy Curless was not overly concerned with.

“We know where we can cut if the DLGF comes back and says so,” Curless said. “Last year we were over also, and as it turned out, once they got their numbers in, we could’ve actually gone over a little more. We want to take advantage of getting all the money that is available to the county. We want to make sure that we get everything that is available to us. We take into account – we know where we can get that money. There’s areas where we can come back and cut quickly should we need to.

Posted on 2018 Oct 02