Work stopped on Bedford Building

By Joseph Slacian

A stop work order imposed on the Bedford Building could be lifted within the next few weeks, according to an official with the firm overseeing the work.

Bill Hiday, Director of Construction for Forza Development, said that the stop work order is only temporary because all of the permits needed from the State of Indiana have not yet been processed.

The order was issued by Wabash Building Commissioner John Stephens on Aug. 24.

According to Hiday, crews were able to do a lot of work at the site without the need of permits from either the city or state. That work included such things as demolition, façade restoration and widow restoration.

“We got to the point of construction where we couldn’t go any further without state and city permits,” he told The Paper of Wabash County.

The state permits, he said, need to clear “about four or five layers” of offices. Those include the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and more.

Approval could take 15 or 20 days, he said, though he has heard of some approvals taking as long as 120 days.

While crews await the permits, no structural work on the building can take place. However, they can continue to work on interior demolition and clean up.

The delay, Hiday said, shouldn’t affect plans to have the building in a “warm, white box” stage sometime in 2019. He said that is a construction term meaning the building is heated, cooled and ready for tenants.

But what the interior of the building will look like all depends on the wants and needs of the future tenant.

“If a restaurant wanted to locate in there, it would take considerably more work getting it ready than if it were an office,” he said.

Forza Development, a Zionsville real estate development firm, and Wabash Marketplace Inc. announced a partnership to restore the Bedford Building earlier this summer.

WMI acquired the building two years ago and has been working to raise funds to refurbish it. The building was built in 1901.

Posted on 2018 Sep 11