Presbyterian School going to all-day format

By Josh Sigler

Wabash Presbyterian Church Pastor Jonathan Cornell recently announced that the Church’s school, the Presbyterian School, will begin offering an all-day option for parents of local children.

Two years ago, the board of the Presbyterian Preschool realized that to continue to serve the families of Wabash well, it would need to change. Having served the community for over five decades is important, but resting on its laurels would not help it meet the shifting needs of an emerging community.

Beginning with a full curriculum review – complete with a new vision and new name – the Presbyterian school was reborn.
As a participant in a network of early childhood educators and programs, it became increasingly apparent to Cornell and the Board that there was a premium on high-quality, full-day early childhood opportunities in Wabash.

“And to be a community that continues to promote growth in all sectors,” Cornell said, “the Presbyterian School needed to adapt to meet community needs. They needed to go full-day.”

Making the transition from half- to full-day meant the hiring of a new full-time Director of Preschool.

Cornell also recently announced that Abby Atkins would assume Directory duties. Atkins most recently taught at Little Friends preschool.

“I was particularly intrigued by their desire to implement a play-based program that drew from the wisdom of the Montessori and Waldorf models of early childhood education,” Atkins said. “I believe the very best thing we can offer the children of Wabash is the chance to learn and explore while recognizing that guided play is the best venue for this to happen.”

Cornell said the plan is to implement the full-day schedule right away.

“Our goal is to officially make the transition as early as Oct. 1,” Cornell said. “(Abby) will help us to achieve Paths to Quailty State Standards, eventually making it possible for us to be a state voucher-eligible program. We plan to remove every possible obstacle for working families in Wabash who would like to send their children to a small, faith-based early childhood center, and also need full-day care.”

Families that would like to learn more about the Presbyterian School or to enroll their children in its full-day center can do so by contacting the church office at 260-563-8881 and speaking with Atkins or office manager Jessica Broyles.

Information regarding cost, availabilities and schedules can also be found on the church’s website, in the coming days.

Posted on 2018 Sep 11