Vernon Health hosts free lunch

By Josh Sigler

Vernon Health and Rehabilitation, prides itself on being proactive in the Wabash community.

The non-profit organization provides a plethora of healthcare services to the community, but members of management sometimes worry that the community is unaware of the scope of services Vernon Manor has to offer.

So, events like the Hot Dog Free Lunch Celebration on Friday, July 6, put on by Vernon Health staff, is a way to show thanks while also educating the community.

“We do this for the community just to give back to the folks that give so much to us,” said Kathleen Boles, community liaison for Vernon Manor. “We have a really special community here with pediatric through geriatric skilled nursing care, and the community really rallies around them. So, we wanted to give back. We do little events like this every so often to show our support back to the community.”

The flow of patrons was steady at the free community event Friday, as facility staff planned to feed 100 people free hot dogs, chips and drinks.

“They just couldn’t believe that we do it for free,” Boles said. “We want to thank them for supporting us. I had a family of five come through with a dog. I had a couple of people I recognized from the senior center. It just depends. It’s meant for everyone. So, we’ve had a good mix.
“It’s just about community and making sure that they know we are here in the community. As much as they support us, we will also support them.”

A major goal of the organization at events such as these, put on throughout the year, is to dispel what it feels is misconception in the community about that Vernon Health and Rehabilitation, formerly Vernon Manor, has to offer.

The organization offers skilled nursing care for all age groups from pediatric to geriatric.

It also offers respite care and more.

“So, we can take the medically fragile kids and adults for short-term stays to help out caregivers in need,” Boles said. “We have quite a bit of flexibility with stay. It can be respite, short term or long term. So, as they come through, we’re just letting them know about our services and the full range of services that we do offer, because people just don’t realize the scope of what we do.”

Boles said many in the community may be able to use Vernon Health’s services and not even know it.

“Especially foster families or someone in need that has a medically fragile child that is in need of a respite stay for that child,” she said. “Maybe they have vacation planned or maybe they just need a break. We can help with that. We can help foster families bringing in a medically fragile foster child and training them to take them home. There’s a lot of things we can do that the community doesn’t know that we offer.”


Posted on 2018 Jul 10