Wabash County veteran benefits rise

By Josh Sigler

According to new data released by the Veterans Administration, Wabash County continues to rise within the state of Indiana in terms of benefits received among its veteran population.

While Wabash County still ranks 50th out of 92 counties in size based on the number of veterans residing in each county, it has climbed to sixth overall from last year’s ninth-place finish for benefits received on a per veteran basis.

“This places Wabash County firmly among the top few counties in our state for receiving veteran-related assistance through the Veterans Administration,” Wabash County Veterans Service Officer Samuel Daugherty said. “The upward, progressive trend for Wabash County has continue to gain momentum under (myself) and Deputy Service Officer Jeff Ritter.”

Wabash County again realized a marked increase in veteran benefits of $19.1 million, up from last year’s $17.6 million.

The Veteran’s Service Office says it’s important to point out that aging veterans from both World War II and the Korean War are passing at a steady rate, resulting in a decrease in Wabash’s overall veteran population of approximately three percent.

The overall county veteran population is down from 2,231 to 2,165 in the past year.

“Wabash County has still managed to increase its focus on veteran assistance programs despite a dwindling veteran population,” Daugherty said. “This is largely due to the outreach programs and practices of the Veterans Service Office.”

Among the benefits that Daugherty helps veterans receive are healthcare, disability compensation, burial allowances, educational assistance, vocational rehab assistance and nursing home assistance. 

Posted on 2018 Jul 10