City, WRT enter agreement

By Josh Sigler

Members of the Wabash River Trail, Inc. entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Wabash regarding the construction of trail ways in the city at the Thursday, June 7 meeting at City Hall.

According to the Memorandum of Understanding, this part of the trail and a maintenance road will be constructed in Paradise Spring Historical Park on the north side of the Wabash River.

Wabash River Trail may amend or modify its designs and plans as needed, with the approval of the city, according to the memorandum.

The memorandum also states the trail organization is responsible, financially or otherwise, for all aspects of the design, development, construction and maintenance of the trail.

“WRT acknowledge that no obligation exists for City to provide financial or in-kind support to the WRT or toward the development, construction or maintenance of the trail,” the memorandum states.

The portions of the trail in Paradise Spring Historical will be available to the general public, free of charge, for the purposes of recreational use, including walking, hiking, and biking. But, the memorandum states that the use of motorized vehicles on the trail will be prohibited.

The trail organization may have to plant or remove trees or bushes, or manage the vegetation as necessary as “reasonably related to the operation or public enjoyment of the trail.”

There are also stipulations in the memorandum which state that the city still holds a main objective to maintain the “character and condition” of Paradise Spring Historical Park.

“WRT will develop and construct the trail in a manner that will cause minimum disruption to City’s current use of Paradise Spring of Maintenance Road, as well as in a manner that will cause minimum disruption, alteration, or interference with the current condition of the surrounding area,” the memorandum states.

Also at Thursday’s meeting, discussions and hearings were held on three properties that have been deemed to contain unsafe buildings.

A continuation of a hearing was held on 173 N. Huntington St., property owned by Luke and Wanda Young.

The family has worked to clean around the outside of the house, they said, and hope to soon start work on the porch.
Building Commissioner John Stephens asked the family to continue to work to clean up the property. He also asked for the family to return in a couple weeks and provide the city with a clean-up schedule.

An unsafe building hearing was also continued on the property at 131 E. Maple St.

Cheryl Mettler told the board that family is going to attempt to sell the property.

The board gave the family until the meeting on July 19 to update the city on the status of the property.

A discussion was also held on the property at 1575 Hawthorne, owned by Tarrance and Melinda Trusty.

A motion was made and approved to give the Trustys 30 days to come up with demolition quotes and report back to the board.

Special Events Applications were approved for the YMCA Dash in the Bash on June 23, as well as the Bulldogs in Concert on July 6 as part of First Friday festivities.

Posted on 2018 Jun 12