Commissioners vacate alley in Serbia

By David Fenker

At the request of an adjacent landowner, the county commissioners vacated an unimproved alleyway in Servia at a Monday, June 4, public hearing.

Landowner Walt Dingess told the commissioners that he and his father have maintained the space allocated for the alley, located on the south edge of his property on South Second Street, since 1975.

“We've probably kept around 75-80 percent of the area I want vacated mowed,” Dingess said. “I guess, all the years that I've done it, I just assumed it was ours. I didn't realize that there's supposed to be a road or an alley that went through.”

Commissioner Scott Givens noted that the 66-foot alley will be split equally between Dingess and the owner of the property south of the alley, Ted Eubank.

“I'm hoping to talk to Mr. Eubank,” Dingess said, “... I'm going to see if Ted Eubank would be willing to sell his last lot to me. … In that case, I would own it all, if we get it all vacated.”

Eubank's lot is unimproved, and both lots sit on the western border of the town.

“It's obviously an unimproved section of town that doesn't need to be maintained, which it's not being maintained except by you,” Givens said to Dingess.

With no complaints – or other comment – the commissioners voted unanimously to approve General Ordinance No. 2018-85-4 to vacate the alley. The board then suspended the rules and voted 3-0 to approve the ordinance on second and final reading.

Posted on 2018 Jun 12