Laketon Sewer District customers to see rate increase

By David Fenker

LAKETON -- Laketon area residents may soon see an increase in their monthly sewage bills.

The Laketon Area Regional Sewer District met Thursday, April 26, to vote on a proposed $5.60 monthly increase, effective July 1.

“This is being considered because there was a rate study, performed by Umbaugh and Associates, that determined that the rates presently in effect are insufficient to sustain the sewer district on a long-term basis,” attorney Steve Downs said during the meeting. “

Residential sewer customers will pay $65 monthly beginning July 1. The rate will increase again to $69.60 a year later, July 1, 2019.

Dave Hawkins motioned, Bill Parker seconded, and the ordinance passed first reading 3-0, with one voting member absent.
The sewer district will have a public hearing at 6 p.m. Thursday, May 17, to hear public comment and vote on the second reading of the ordinance, which will be adopted should the vote be favorable.

Meetings occur at 10457 N. Ogden Road the third Thursday of each month.

According to president Stan Bagley, the rate increase in part stems from North Manchester's recent wastewater rate increase, also recommended by Umbaugh.

The Laketon district’s wastewater is run through grinder pumps in and around Laketon, and pumped to North Manchester for treatment, Bagley said. The town charges the district for treatment service, with that cost being passed to Laketon customers.

Rates for various types of customers are set using the Indiana Department of Environmental Management's Equivalent Dwelling Unit, with one single family residence, apartment or mobile home equalling one EDU.

Per the ordinance, commercial rates assess beauty salons, food service operations and offices with showers at a rate of .11 EDU per customer, seat or employee, respectively. A factory with showers is also assessed at .11 EDU per employee, while offices and factories without showers are assessed at a rate of .06 EDU per employee.

The fire station is assessed at .11 EDU per firefighter, and the sewer district office is set at one EDU.

Day care centers are assessed at .06 EDU per person, schools at .05 EDU per pupil, and churches without kitchens at .01 EDU per sanctuary seat.

An assembly hall is set at one EDU.

According to the ordinance, rates are set for the maximum sewage service required in any month for the year. It provides an example of employment-based charges being assessed based on the maximum number of employees in any given month of the year; if a company has 10 employees in January but only eight in March, it will still be charged at the 10 employee rate monthly until the end of the billing year.

A copy of the ordinance may be seen at the Laketon Sewer District Building, 10457 N. Ogden Road, Laketon, IN.

Posted on 2018 May 15