Local students earn Promise scholarships

By The Paper staff

Wabash County fourth-eighth grade students participated in the Promise Scholarship Essay/Presentation contest during the third 9 weeks grading period.

Students created an essay or presentation on a topic relating to preparation for career or college. The student winners were selected by their teachers. Those students who are enrolled in the Promise Early Award Scholarship Program will receive a $25 deposit into their Promise Scholarship account.

The Community Foundation of Wabash County congratulates the following winners from each county school:

Manchester fourth and fifth grade: Saydah Burke, Macy Tuggle, Leighton Duffy, Maggie Onderko-White, Milo Hupp, Juliana Diaz

Manchester sixth grade: Kaidyn Howard, Miriam Struble-Hedstrom, Garrett Sites,Paulie Martin, Gracie Lauer

Manchester seventh grade: Aliala Atienza, Mackenzie Beck, Olivia Dale, Rebecca Dingess, Caden Egner, Skye McCullough

Manchester eighth grade: Jessica Dingess, Elisa Harter, Alyssa Marvel, Mia Nadborne, Jack Shoemaker, Ainsley West

Sharp Creek fourth grade: Sophia Holley, Mason Lyons, Caidan Burchett

Sharp Creek fifth grade: Graci Napier, Madison Archer, Hailey Cruz

Sharp Creek sixth grade: Hannah Holmes, Landon Shoue, Anna Kissel

Northfield seventh grade: Dallis Chain, Lillian Hobbs, Ella Hunter, Asia Miller, Sophie Rosen, Muskaan Singh, Karson Pratt

Northfield eighth grade: Olivia Curry, Kayden Cruz, Ainsley Dale

Southwood fourth and fifth grade: Jalynn Lyons, Mylah Dillon, Coan Holloway, Grace Drake

Southwood sixth grade: Carley Whitesel, Derek Deeter, Alexis Roles

Southwood seventh and eighth grade: Aidan Staggs, Alaina Winer, Makenna Younce, Rylee Barney

OJ Neighbours fourth grade: Aleiya Honeycutt, Mya Whitaker, Natalie Lemaster, Katherine Gaston

Wabash fifth grade: Hadley Schuler, Kenzie Clark, Colton Sellers, Dixie Robinson, Sierria Spradling

Wabash sixth and seventh grade: Grant Ford, David Ford

Wabash eighth grade: Ashley Bricker, Anne Cole, Linda Cordes, Jordan Dragoo, Corrine Kugler

St. Bernard fourth, fifth, sixth grade: Solomon Baucco, Mabel Halley, Alexa Johnson

Students were given various prompts relating to careers, career training, and traits for success in school and in life. Here are some samples of the student essays:

In her essay, OJ Neighbours fourth grader Mya Whitaker wrote about her goal to be trained as a teacher. She discovered a passion for teaching while playing with and tutoring her cousin. “Now when we play school I actually use his spelling words, and he doesn’t even know!”

Southwood fifth grader Averi Haecker described a typical day in her expected profession as an obstetrics nurse. She is confident that her four years of medical training and her strong communication skills and compassion will lead her to good pay and high satisfaction as a nurse.

Mabel Halley, fifth grader at St. Bernard explored the kind of training necessary to land a job in Wabash County. After examining the cost of living and the cost of studying veterinarian medicine, Mabel said her job “will contribute to society by helping people’s animals so it is affordable for most people.”

Garret Sites, Manchester Intermediate sixth grader, wrote about how he would prepare for his career as a carpenter. In middle school, he can work at being “good with fractions and converting measurements.” He sees himself taking wood shop classes at Vincennes University.

Posted on 2018 Apr 10