Ninja Express popular in first week

By Josh Sigler

When the co-owners of Ninja Express restaurant were looking to open a new franchise, they knew they wanted to pick a place where their fare would be unique to locals. 

They also wanted a prime location for maximum exposure to traffic.

Wabash seemed to provide prime opportunities in both facets.

“There’s not really a restaurant like this in the area, said co-owner Ling Zhu. “And, the location in town is in perfect spot to be seen by customers.”

And, the restaurant has been a major hit locally in its early stages of operation. Parking spots have been hard to come by at the location at 1010 Cass St. Lines for orders routinely wrap around the soda machine several feet away.

“We’re super excited,” Zhu said. “We never expected to be as constantly busy as we are.”

Ninja express boasts a vast menu of both Chinese and Japanese fare.

Crab Rangoon headlines the 17-item-deep appetizer menu. Numerous sushi offerings dot the menu, as do classic favorites like teriyaki bowls, hibachi grill items and General Tso’s chicken.

“There’s no Japanese food (establishment) in this town, so we’ve made a combination Japanese food and Chinese food,” Zhu said. “We have items from the hibachi like grill style. We have sushi.”

Ninja Express is located in the former Hardee’s location across from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Posted on 2018 Jan 09