County 4-H queen looks to state pageant in January

By Emma Rausch

On July 12, Mary Guisewhite was crowned the 2017 Wabash County 4-H Fair Pageant Queen, and on Jan. 5, she will be competing for the state pageant’s title.

From Friday, Jan. 5, through Sunday, Jan. 7, Guisewhite will be representing Wabash County in the 60th annual Indiana State Fair Queen Pageant, and preparation has been underway for some time now.

“We’ve been preparing for the state pageant for a while now,” Guisewhite told The Paper of Wabash County. “I went down to the state fair this past year and met a lot of the girls that I’ll be competing against. I’ve been going to a lot of dinner meetings with the (pageant) committee and in addition to that, we have to prepare a speech.

“So I’ve been preparing a speech. I’ve been getting my professional wear together and my formal attire.”
Wabash County’s pageant also was key to preparing her for state.

“We have set up the county pageant a lot like the state fair pageant, which is very helpful,” Guisewhite said. “We went through an interview session and the interviews are a lot of what the state fair pageant is based upon. So that is really how I’ve prepared for this pageant.

“In addition, I got feedback from the judges because we had professional wear and we had formal wear and an onstage question, which we do have at the state pageant as well, and I will take the criticism that they gave me with that and I will try to improve upon my outfits that I’m going to use for the state pageant and improve on my stage presence.”

Since childhood, Guisewhite has admired and looked up to the Wabash County 4-H Pageant queens.

“I just admired their ability to think on the spot,” she explained. “I feel like that is a (great) quality. If you’re able to formulate a good sentence when everyone is asking you questions, I think that is a really good quality about someone.

“I also admired their ability to relate to everyone. When you’re 4-H queen, not only county, but state, you interact with people from every background and I think it’s good to relate with those people of different backgrounds because it allows you to be more diverse and it allows you to be more understanding from where everyone comes from.”

This year, she has had to opportunity to become her own role model and represent Wabash County as its 4-H pageant queen.

“Representing Wabash County as the Wabash County 4-H Queen is something that I’m honored to be a part of,” Guisewhite said. “I have lived in Wabash County ever since I was born and I really think it’s something great to be a part of. Wabash is growing and it’s expanding, especially with the new hospital coming into town, and we need to let people know that we’re willing to stand alongside of them and help them along.

“4-H is a great way for new people in the community to get involved and learn new things about Wabash and make new friends.”

The state pageant’s preliminary judging will begin at 5 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 6, at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum in Indianapolis.

Posted on 2018 Jan 02