Animal Shelter locates individual that dropped puppy over 6-foot fence

By Emma Rausch

The Wabash County Animal Shelter located the individual that dropped a puppy over the facility’s 6-foot fence on Wednesday, Nov. 29.

On Wednesday morning, the local shelter shared an image on Facebook of a white male that had allegedly dropped the animal over the fence and was caught on the facility’s security camera, according to Doug Bogert, shelter manager.

At the time of the incident, “instead of going to the door and pushing the button to call us, he dropped the puppy over a 6-foot fence,” Bogert told The Paper of Wabash County.

Within two to three hours of sharing the post, the individual came forward, Bogert said.

“(The individual) did come forward and spoke to police and animal shelter officials,” he added. “The person said he didn’t think the fence was that high.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, Bogert said the shelter will not be pressing charges against the individual.

The point of locating the person was “we really wanted to find him and ask if it was his animal or if it was a stray and where it was found to try and locate its family,” Bogert explained. “The power of using Facebook is to reach out to the community that might not be reached otherwise.

“Our intent was to find out where the puppy came from. The more information we have the better chance we have to get it back to where it belongs if someone is missing it.”

No one has come forward to claim the animal as of yet, according to Bogert, who noted that if someone were to try to claim it, they must provide proof of ownership.

“If no one comes forward, it will be adoptable in a few days,” Bogert said. “The shelter would be taking applications for the puppy at that time.”

Bogert added that he and the shelter officials wanted to thank the community for their help in locating the individual.

“The shelter appreciates everybody sharing the post and getting the word out,” he said. “That was what helped us inform the person to come forward.”

Posted on 2017 Dec 05