Nearly 700 ride in Dam to Dam

A group of riders leave the Wabash County YMCA on Sunday morning, kicking off the eighth annual Dam to Dam Century Ride. Photos by Joseph Slacian

By Joseph Slacian

Nearly 700 riders from around the United States road bicycles around Wabash County on Sunday, Sept. 10, during the 2017 Dam to Dam Century Ride.

The 8th annual Dam to Dam ride saw 699 bicycle enthusiasts riding one of five routes – 15, 32, 50, 62 and 100 miles – around Wabash County.

“The preliminary count is 699 riders,” according to Christian Flohr, who is on the Dam to Dam ride committee.

The 699 riders came from 13 states, she noted.

Outside of the occasional flat tire there were no major issues during the event, she noted.

“As the event grows,” Flohr said, “the D2D committee is focused on not sacrificing quality or rider and volunteer experience.”

Riders departed the Wabash County YMCA as early as 7:30 a.m. Sunday morning. The bulk of the riders departed about 8 a.m., with others heading our periodically after that.

Depending on the route, they were gone for six or seven hours, pedaling around Wabash County taking in various sites.

Supply and gear tents were set up at several locations, offering riders a chance to stop and refuel their bodies with a variety of items ranging from quinoa and peanut butter to pickles, pickle juice and more.

Some of the riders, when stopping, took advantage of the location to tour sites along the route. Several riders, one SAG volunteer reported, stopped to tour the Stockdale Mill before continuing the ride.

As the riders neared the finish line, members of the Wabash Elks Lodge greeted them and encouraged them on to the finish line by ringing bells, clapping and cheering them on.

Now that the eighth annual ride is complete, the Dam to Dam committee will soon begin work on the 2018 event.

“The committee will review rider and volunteer feedback over the next two weeks and will begin immediately making plans for 2018,” Flohr said.

Parkview Wabash Hospital was the title sponsor for the event, with several other local businesses and industry supporting the ride in other capacities.

“The support for this event is overwhelming and humbling,” Flohr said.

Posted on 2017 Sep 12