Board awards contracts for house demolitions

By Joseph Slacian

The Wabash Board of Public Works and Safety awarded contracts to demolish two homes when it met on Thursday, Aug. 3.

The Brainard Excavating received the contract to raise the home at 138 Stitt St.

It bid $8,000 for the project, the lowest of three submitted bids. Hank’s Construction bid $9,700, while Earthworks, Urbana, bid $10,900.

Earthworks won the contract for the home at 531 E. Hill St., submitting a bid of $5,150.

Brainard bid $6,900 for the site, while Hank’s bid $8,400.

In other matters, the board approved a consulting contract with DLZ Indiana not to exceed $161,700 for work on the Alber Street project.

City Attorney Randi Zimmerman-Irgang told the board that it was a standard contract for an Indiana Department of Transportation contract.

It also approved an encroachment agreement for Wabash Facility Co., for a sign at Vernon Manor, 1955 Vernon St.

Posted on 2017 Aug 08