10-year energy plan saves MSD $500,000-plus so far, report shows

By Emma Rausch

MSD of Wabash County saved more than $500,000 during the last nine years thanks to a decision to take steps to become energy efficient at the corporation’s two high schools, according to Shana Lopez, Performance Services marketing administrator.

On Tuesday, July 11, Lopez provided the MSD of Wabash County Board of Education with its 10 annual energy savings report.

In 2007, the school corporation implemented a guaranteed energy savings contract project at Northfield and Southwood high schools. Since then, the corporation has cumulatively saved $509,333 in nine years, according to Lopez.

The project replaced amenities in both high schools across 10 years with the goal of increasing the facilities’ energy efficiency. The replaced items included classroom unit vents, boilers, hot water heater and control systems among other amenities, according to Lopez.

To measure the changes, Performance Services scored the facilities with an Energy Star ranking. In 2007, Northfield received a 51 score while Southwood received an 81 rank.

As of July 11, Northfield held a 93 Energy Star score while Southwood received a 94.

“That Energy Star score is basically like a grade and grades other buildings like yours,” Lopez said. “So when you put in those attributes it compares to other schools to your size in the Midwest and a score 94, which is Southwood I believe, is top 6 percent and Northfield is 93 so that’s top 7 (percent).”

Chris Kuhn, MSD assistant superintendent of finance, thanked Lopez for the report.

“Thank you for helping us become more efficient with our energy usage,” Kuhn said.

“As a board, we’re always concerned about maximizing dollars,” Kevin Bowman, MSD board president, added. “So it’s encouraging to know that even though our buildings may be older, they’re right at the top as far as efficiency.”

In other news, the school board approved Adam Marlatt’s resignation from his position as Southwood Elementary sixth grade educator and announced that Marlatt would thereby also be resigning as the president of the MSD of Wabash County Education Association.

The association “will elect new leadership,” Bowman said, adding, “Adam has done a lot (for the corporation). He’s coached volleyball at Southwood.”

The board looks forward to working with the Marlatt’s successor, he continued.

Posted on 2017 Jul 18