4 WMS youth honored with Kathy Swan Awards

The Wabash Middle School Kathy Swan Award honorees (front row, from left) Jordan Jones, Hayley Houlihan, Dakota Hensley and Jayse Weaver pose for a photo with the Wabash City Schools Board of Education members (back row, from left) Brandon France, Liz Hobbs, Mary Anne Tait and Tiffanie King following the award presentation on Monday, May 1. Photo provided

By Emma Rausch

The Wabash City Schools Board of Education continued its presentation of the 11th annual Kathy Swan Awards at its meeting Monday, May 1, with honoring four Wabash Middle School youth.

Students Hayley Houlihan, Jordan Jones, Dakota Hensley and Jayse Weaver received the awards for their hard work and success in the classroom and as individuals.

Houlihan received the award for the eighth grade class. She was an active member of the middle school’s volleyball team and basketball manager, and is currently competing in track.

“Hayley knows how to succeed in all she does,” teacher Justin Denney said. “She is responsible for her learning and always willing to help others find academic success. Most likely, if I was out for a day, Hayley could make sure the class stayed on track and we really wouldn’t even need a (substitute).

“Ms. Houlihan shows great maturity, realizing her learning strengths, she is up daily before 6 a.m. as this is the time she finds best to complete her work. Hayley is a great friend, supportive of all students and teachers and all around great person.”

Jones received the award for the seventh grade’s honor. She was active this year in the arts and performing arts and managed the middle school’s girls basketball team.

“Jordan has an amazing and larger than life personality,” Principal Mike Mattern told The Paper of Wabash County. “She is an excellent student with a great work ethic. Jordan this year has handled a medical situation in her family with great maturity and impressive resolve.”

Educator Joey Till agreed with Mattern’s thoughts.

“Jordan started the year off amazing, then as sometimes happens in life, was thrown a curveball that could rock any adult’s world,” Till said. “Jordan continued to be amazing, finding the positive in all things as she always does and showed she is a true champion.”

The sixth grade award was presented to Weaver, “a quality young man,” according to Tina Dirig, teacher.

“Academically, he is very strong,” Dirig said. “He is a leader in his classes daily, seeking out to learn more and share that learning with others. Helping other students is a hallmark of Jayse Weaver’s daily routine.

“As teachers, we appreciate Jayse for his commitment to his own learning, but also the learning of his peers. Most notable for Jayse however is he is kind, caring and empathetic, accepting of others and supportive of classmates through their successes and challenges.”

Educator Sarah Cole presented Hensley with the fifth grade award.

“Dakota started the year a bit quiet, shy and unsure of herself,” Cole said. “Sometimes coming to a new building with all new teachers can be nerve-wracking. As the year, progressed, Dakota found her voice.

“To see her confidence grow as it has is a testament to Dakota’s desire to do well and achieve academically. A great step for her was to play on the fifth grade basketball team, working to improve and now even helping her friends learn to play the game she loves. Dakota is a great friend to all, a teacher-pleaser and, most of all, kind.”

Posted on 2017 May 09